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Synonyms for calibre

Synonyms for calibre

a degree or grade of excellence or worth

diameter of a tube or gun barrel

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It's a great way for Calibra and me to spend time together and we relish the goal, both in terms of training and crossing the finish line.
Opel, a subsidiary of General Motors Corporation (NYSE: GM), has registered its Cascada and Calibra nameplates with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
He recalled buying his first Calibra to celebrate his 30th birthday in March 2001, and his love affair with it has endured.
Only dual-polymerizing Calibra groups polymerized at 25[degrees]C exhibited failures predominantly located within the dentin.
Calibra Motor Corporation wants to build a factory in Harrismith to produce taxis.
Prosecuting lawyer Simon Reid said police were alerted to a Vauxhall Calibra being driven dangerously and caught up with it when it was doing handbrake turns and manoeuvres around the Cherrymount area.
The results - which also included votes for the favourite Vauxhall from the last five years - put the Lotus Carlton in first place ahead of the Calibra and Cavalier.
The 28-year-old man from the city centre, who was a back seat passenger in the Vauxhall Calibra, died when it hit a wall and a tree, and then caught fire.
It happened when a Vauxhall Calibra in which they were travelling left a road in Balsall Heath shortly after 12.
The thieves, driving a black Vauxhall Calibra car, have visited petrol stations in Nuneaton and Bedworth and filled up before driving off without paying.
Police are still looking for witnesses of the collision, involving a black Vauxhall Calibra and a silver Land Rover Freelander.
Y por ello nos ofrece un excelente quinto capitulo en donde de una manera sistematica, analiza, desmenuza, enmarca, calibra, orienta, clasifica, ficha, secuencia, una docena de peliculas, a traves de las cuales se puede ayudar a la personalizacion de los veedores cinematograficos, en este caso, los alumnos y alumnas del sistema educativo.
All five people were trapped in the wreckage of the Vauxhall Calibra, which crashed on a country road close to the British Sugar Beet factory at Allscott, near Telford, in Shropshire.
In 1989 Opel's reputation as a maker of desirable, upmarket cars was cemented when the Calibra saw the light of day.