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a drug cartel that seized control of cocaine production in Colombia in 1993

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The account of a secret meeting between Betancourt and leaders of the Cali drug cartel offers an inside portrait of these influential people: murderous monsters who are also family men, in complete control of the country's senior politicians.
Benoit had received death threats after filing a series of stories on the Cali drug cartel and the political crisis in Colombia.
McGee and Duffy give the feds high marks for successful investigations of the Cali drug cartel. And public demands to "do something" about violent crime have led to aggressive federal efforts against gangs, from the "Gangster Disciples Nation" of Chicago to "The Bottoms Boys" of Shreveport, La.
Federal prosecutors have admitted to negotiating with a lawyer for the Cali drug cartel to win the testimony of a key witness against Noriega at his 1992 trial.
The de Dios case also was solved, according to CPJ, because Drug Enforcement Agency officials were eager to prosecute Colombia's Cali drug cartel and, again, because New York's His, panic population wields power.
Federal authorities also say Tomkins told them he was a mercenary and was to be paid pounds 6 million by the rival Cali drug cartel to assassinate Escobar.
Noted for its year-round, balmy springlike temperature and beautiful women, Cali, as of late, is receiving notoriety as the home of the Cali Drug Cartel, the successors to the erstwhile Medellin cocaine empire led by the late Escobar.
But by 1995, Samper claimed the surrender of the senior figure in the Cali drug cartel showed the Government's efforts to end the world's biggest cocaine ring were working.
Attorney says the $20,000 murder contract came from the highest levels of the Cali drug cartel
The "Monaco" survived a car bomb attack during the 1987 height of fighting between the Medellin and Cali drug cartels, and played host to Escobar's storied vintage car collection.
The author of chapter 11 is an anonymous undercover agent who cooperated with US officials to intercept cellphone calls and use unmanned aerial vehicles to track down leaders of Cali drug cartels. Chapter 12 is an ordinary soldier's bizarre account of how FARC guerrillas wiped out his unit and held him prisoner for years, an ordeal that literally drove him insane.