Cali cartel

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a drug cartel that seized control of cocaine production in Colombia in 1993

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com/NarcosNetflix/status/886591406617350144) Twitter account, Cali cartel will run their drug business like a Fortune 500 company and will go to any lengths for the sake of money and power, including (http://www.
The man turned out to be Venezualan drug lord Ivan di Giorgio, who was said to be acting on behalf of the Colombian Cali Cartel.
According to the Department of State, because of Colombia's focus on the Medellin cartel, the Cali cartel took responsibility for most of the trafficking through Mexico as early as 1990.
Although Mexican drug trafficking organisations have existed for decades, they have become more powerful since the demise of Colombia's Medellin and Cali cartels in the 1990s.
Nov 1995 Federales spotted unloading a drug plane belonging to Colombia's Cali cartel.
At the height of his influence, he had a hotline to the Columbian Cali cartel, direct links with the Turkish heroin Mafia and unlimited credit with the cannabis dealers of Europe and Africa, and it was said he even had the power to command the price of the drug market in the UK.
what the US calls "the final, fatal blow" to the world's biggest cocaine supplier, two Colombian brothers who helped found the infamous Cali cartel have pleaded guilty to drug trafficking, agreed to forfeit billions in assets, and received what could amount to a life sentence.
But his main rivals, the Cali Cartel, killed off his main lieutenants, leaving Escobar hunted and hiding out in his home town of Medellin.
One former president became synonymous with corruption after it was found that the Cali cartel helped bankroll his campaign.
In the meantime, however, it suffered serious penetration from the Cali cartel, that was, according to intellectuals and officials, "narcotrafficker but not narcoterrorist.
In 1995, the Cali cartel unsuccessfully tried to buy a larger, used Russian submarine, although the attempted purchase was subsequently discovered and thwarted.
With US technical support, they eventually nailed Pablo Escobar and seriously damaged the Medellin cartel, after which the `allies' went after the Cali cartel.
and Colombian elements helped the Cali cartel set up a death squad sardonically known as "Los Pepes," which stands for "Persecuted by Pablo Escobar.
assisted operations resulted in the killing of Pablo Escobar in 1993 and the jailing of the heads of the Cali Cartel in 1994.
His thesis is simple: In the aftermath of the cold war, the new enemy has become global crime -- from Colombia's Cali cartel to the Russian mafia, from Chinese triads to Japanese yakuza, from respectable banks that launder dirty money to the politicians on the take world-wide that make it all possible.