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the largest city in southern Alberta

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References in periodicals archive ?, write to them at Box 54 RR8 Site 5, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2J 2T9, or call toll-free 866-563-2242.
Advanced ID (, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, a developer of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology applications focusing on the tire management industry, announced that Qingdao Mesnac, a Chinese tire production equipment and software maker with significant tire manufacturing operations, has become the world's first tire manufacturer to commit to embedding Advanced ID's RFID tire tags in a commercial truck line.
Flair is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and houses engineering, graphics, marketing, customer service, logistics, R&D, converting and warehousing departments that support food and industrial packaging projects from start to finish.
Born in Saint John, New Brunswick, her early studies took place in Calgary, Alberta, with Alexandra Mann and Gladys Egbert, followed by studies with Anton Kuerti at the University of Toronto.
(14) Glenbow Archives (GA) (PB-896-2), Bow Valley Ranch House, Calgary, Alberta; GA (NA-1586-12), Residence of LH.
Cooling pellets or powder after resin production or compounding to prevent sticking or caking is easier with the Bulkflow heat exchanger from Bulkflow Technologies Ltd., Calgary, Alberta. Also suitable for preheating bulk resins before processing to increase output, the device consists of a vertical stack of closely spaced, hollow stainless-steel plates that are internally cooled or heated with fluid or steam.
British Airways began non stop service this month to Calgary, Alberta, with five flights a week aimed at taking advantage of Alberta's booming oil-driven economy as well as the popularity of the Rocky Mountains as a tourist destination.
Glenbow Museum in Calgary, Alberta, is one of Canada's largest and most entrepreneurial museums, welcoming more than 160,000 visitors every year.
Redemtech also has TOM Centers in Richmond, Va.; Reno, Nev.; Montreal; Calgary, Alberta; and the United Kingdom.
CALGARY, Alberta -- Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary, known for his principled and sometimes controversial stands on issues ranging from globalization to same-sex marriage, has forbidden bingo and casino nights as fundraisers for diocesan Catholic schools.
NeoMedia acquired what is now NeoMedia Micro Paint Repair from CSI International, Inc., of Calgary, Alberta, Canada in February of 2004 for $2.5 million in cash and seven million shares of NeoMedia stock.
of Calgary, Alberta, has entered into an agreement to buy a wholly owned subsidiary of Murphy Oil Canada in a deal that will create a new company in which Murphy Oil Corp.
Chart-well, of Calgary, Alberta, specializes in the development of leading-edge gaming applications and entertainment content for the Internet and wireless platforms and other remote-access devices.
Mainak Ghosh of Imperial Oil Resources in Calgary, Alberta, says that it's too soon to know how well the new compounds might aid oil recovery, but that they could prove to be "a breakthrough invention."
In particular, it focuses on the economic impact of English as a Second language programs physically located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada which draw and serve foreign students.