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the largest city in southern Alberta

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The Edmontonians, obviously more organized, had regular uniforms while the Calgarians were dressed in clothing that was "a combination of all colors and patterns." (4)
In a "Notice to Calgarians" published in the Summer 1956 Review, Dempsey proposed a series of winter lectures, but the idea met with little interest.
Crowshoe was part of the advisory group that brought 100 Calgarians together in a spirit of inclusion to share ideas and to inform the working committee's application to Canadian Heritage.
In this sense, the Winnipeg Free Press was arguing that, unlike Calgarians, the people of Winnipeg would not be swayed by the false prospects of a profit from a potentially unreliable source.
And even when faced with a choice of attending some of its homegrown post-secondary colleges as they came on stream in the twentieth century, young Calgarians often chose to leave rather than stay for their education.
Attainable Homes Calgary Corporation is making it possible for Calgarians to own their own homes despite house prices, which have outpaced wages this decade and created a significant gap between what households are earning and what is required to qualify for a mortgage.
However, Calgarians still held out hope that in the final selection of a capital they would see their city triumphant.
According to the 2006 Census, 25 per cent of Aboriginal people in Calgary were living at or under the Low Income Cut Off rate, as compared to 11 per cent of non-Aboriginal Calgarians.
Mary's School (1909) in Calgary is wasteful of a solid and perfectly useable structure; environmentally unsound; a slap in the face to all the thousands of Calgarians, and others from across Canada, who wrote letters, signed petitions, and turned out to rallys and public meetings; and a major threat to every historic school building in the province.
The extension gives Calgarians more access to natural spaces within the city but also serves as a vital wildlife corridor within the local urban landscape.
Calgarians, at all events, owe it to themselves to be up and doing.