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Synonyms for veal

meat from a calf

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The meat slaughtered after 5 months is called calf meat and does not qualify as veal.
At a public meeting in which the reauthorization of the calf hunts was being discussed, several elders stated that it was not their custom to hunt calves and that they disliked the taste of calf meat.
The purchases involved 18,492 tonnes of calf meat (Spain 7,584 tonnes, Germany 4,842 tonnes, Italy 3,060 tonnes, Austria 1,564 tonnes, France 1,397 tonnes, Belgium 35 tonnes and the Netherlands 10 t).
The export of calf meat on the bone was some way off - first he wanted to see a good market for calf meat in the UK.
PESHAWAR -- District administration Thursday conducted raids on butchers shops in Hashtnagri, Tehkal and University Road and arrested 23 persons for selling calf meat.
SIBCAS has recently been able to expand its portfolio to include thinly sliced beef, calf meat and lamb.