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The Julian Calendar system was used until 1582 when Pope Gregory XIII added that leap days should not occur in years ending in "00" except if divisible by 400, providing further fine-tuning.
I did a little investigating and learned that the modern calendar system was developed to help farmers who needed to know when to plant their seeds and when to harvest.
Kaplan, Reaping the Benefits of a Computerized Calendar System, http://www.
We just launched our new Trumba calendar system this summer; already we have five times more departments using our main event calendars than before, and fall semester has not even started yet.
However, Labour Minister Jameel Humaidan previously told MPs that basing the 30-day annual holiday entitlement on the calendar system was unfair - since it would rob workers of their vacation.
From AD 300 to 1000, the Maya in the Central American rainforests developed a sophisticated culture, a complex architecture including pyramids and an accurate calendar system.
Enter each action item as a tickler into an electronic calendar system.
250 in Mesoamerica, described historical events and placed them within a complex calendar system.
However, we call on the court to fix the fundamental flaw of Madison County's asbestos docket calendar system that in effect puts court time up for sale.
The implementation of Trumba calendars was surprisingly simple," says Ron Shaw, Web Coordinator for Division of Finance and Administration at University of Idaho and Project Manager for the University's Trumba master calendar system.
During most of that time, researchers assumed that the images on stelae (carved tablets), temple walls, pottery and other artifacts showed mystical priests or gods primarily concerned with astrology and a complex calendar system.
Jasig has been in operation for over 10 years, sponsoring open source software applications like uPortal, the enterprise-grade portal solution; CAS, a flexible Central Authentication Service deployed for single sign-on; and Bedework, an enterprise calendar system for public, personal and group use.
Engaging the student body on online platforms that student's use everyday, the calendar system includes features such as Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare integration, and mobile access.
Companion Web site includes downloadable tracking spreadsheets, keyword list templates, templates for checking rank and site indexes, and a calendar with daily SEO tasks that you can import into your own calendar system
CHICAGO, May 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Microsoft Outlook(R) and Lotus(R) Notes users are just a click away from their next video conference thanks to InterCall Video Online, a first-of-its-kind web-based scheduling tool that allows InterCall customers the luxury of using their calendar system to schedule and automatically launch conferences.