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At the end of the book there is a Calendar of Saints and Feasts - there is a Saint for every day of the year.
Hurston explains that the Haitian deities, or loa, are "not the Catholic calendar of saints done over in black" (114) and that each lithograph of a Catholic saint is not a representation but always an interpretation of a loa.
A synod held from 17 to 20 September 1995 added several new names to the calendar of saints, among them personalities from the more recent past like Patriarch Ambrosius I, who died confessing the faith in Georgia in 1927, and Grigol Peradze, who lost his life at Auschwitz in 1942.
The date became associated with romantic love in the middle ages and was deleted from the calendar of saints in 1969, by which time it had taken on a much broader meaning in Western popular culture.
After Vatican II, the church revised its calendar of saints to limit the number of feast days and to highlight saints of special significance.
5) The Roman Calendar of saints and blesseds for each day of the year.
As well, the names appear in a proper calendar of saints according to the Roman Rite.
Many saints, some famous, many obscure, were dropped from the calendar of saints because there was not enough historical basis either to their lives or to some of the incidents attributed to them, or because they lacked universal significance.
In the calendar of saints, June 3rd celebrates the feast day of Charles Lwanga and companions.
Intervening years have further convinced me that we need this cofounder of the Catholic Worker movement in our calendar of saints.