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United States sculptor who first created mobiles and stabiles (1898-1976)

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The Calder will provide the design, manufacture and testing of a 1800 kW waste injection pump package to NOV in the same timeframe.
that the fundamental aesthetic concept setting Calder in motion is good taste--a good taste already established by others, since his shapes and especially his colour stem entirely from the works of Picasso, Miro and Arp.
Alexander Calder was the son and grandson of well-known sculptors who had created bronze and stone monuments in the beaux-arts tradition.
Yet when he moved to Paris in 1926, at the age of 28, he began by making what is now one of his most famous works, Cirque Calder (1926-31; Fig.
This is not the place to make a case for Calder as America's greatest sculptor.
El acoplamiento de autores como Calders (o Agusti Bartra) a los signos, simbologias y raigambres de la cultura mexicana queda de manifiesto en Aqui descansa Nevares, amoroso y leal homenaje a los oprimidos del pueblo mexicano, aquellos que bien definiria Salvador Novo como los "desheredados de la Revolucion".
Pero es la Revolucion Mexicana misma la que encuentra eco discernidor para Calders en esta breve, cautivadora y magica novela, marcada sin duda por un aliento de realismo magico que inevitablemente remite a las escenografias rulfianas, en una atmosfera muy mexicano de humor negro.
Calders bien supo retratar el encuentro del mexicano con la muerte, y asi expone en uno de los pasajes de Aquidescansa Nevares: "No era la vecindad con la muerte lo que temian ya que estaban acostumbrados desde pequenos a contemplarla a traves de las calaveras de azucar, con el nombre de cada quien escrito en la frente, que se regalaban mutuamente el dia de difuntos.
Calders had a long history on the site, as documents and ledgers found in the old buildings testify.
Various small companies on the same site doing similar work of this nature were amalgamated into one company, Associated Lead Manufacturers, in 1924, of which Calders was a key player.
Two years ago Calders consolidated its operations and moved to Chester, since when its Elswick site has been redundant.
Calder spent a substantial part of his life in France, in both Paris and in the village of Sache, in the Touraine, south of Tours, an area to which he was much attached.
Mr Rower is now chairman and president of the Calder Foundation, which he founded in 1987.
Pieces of Tyneside history foundd at the Calder leadworks have revealed fascinating glimpses into company life in the early years of the 20th Century.
But when it closed two years ago, the future of the sphinxes was once again uncertain ( before Calder Industrial Materials, as the company is now known, handed the figures back to the Duke.