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United States sculptor who first created mobiles and stabiles (1898-1976)

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Various small companies on the same site doing similar work of this nature were amalgamated into one company, Associated Lead Manufacturers, in 1924, of which Calders was a key player.
Two years ago Calders consolidated its operations and moved to Chester, since when its Elswick site has been redundant.
The chimney was part of the Calders Leadworks which shut down seven months ago and has now been demolished to make way for a housing development.
Dorothy, 92, of High Heaton, who used to work at Cooksons white lead producers before the company merged with Calders, pressed the button to bring the chimney to the ground.
Rower, the youngest of Alexander Calder's four grandchildren, unfolds his story.
Calder spent a substantial part of his life in France, in both Paris and in the village of Sache, in the Touraine, south of Tours, an area to which he was much attached.
Pieces of Tyneside history foundd at the Calder leadworks have revealed fascinating glimpses into company life in the early years of the 20th Century.
The list of customers reads like a map of the world, with Calder's products shipped out to Australia, Japan, Ceylon, Greece, the United States, Russia, Rhodesia, Burma, Norway, Morocco and China.
From the moment in the early 1930s when Alexander Calder (1898-1976) began to develop his mobiles, they were enthusiastically exhibited, both in France and in the United States.
Whether his sculptures are only two inches high or just five inches wide, they all have the hallmarks of work by Alexander Calder. You'll find whimsical biomorphic forms; a palette reduced mostly to red, yellow, blue, and black; and elements that move in a light breeze.