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Spanish poet and dramatist considered one of the great Spanish writers (1600-1681)

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Calderon is holding an exhibit that runs through Friday, April 6 at Meet Chicago Northwest, 1375 E.
Police said Calderon may have been strangled by the scarf wrapped around his neck, when it got caught in the boat's propeller.
En una accion pro domo sua (en provecho propio) Calderon decidio reformar--el ultimo dia de su mandato--el Reglamento del Estado Mayor Presidencial, de manera alevosa.
Calderon has certainly found an audience, whether or not it's the forlorn leftist one he's been looking for.
The plea agreement comes several weeks before Ron Calderon was scheduled to go on trial on charges contained in a 24-count federal indictment.
This logic of praising the white supremacy is not just anti-immigration," Calderon said.
Behind them Calderon slotted into 4th place ahead of a fast starting Tarun Reddy, who jumped from 8th on the grid to 5th.
Senator Calderon is accused of accepting tens of thousands of dollars in bribes and using the powers of his elected office to enrich himself and his brother Tom, rather than for the benefit of the public he was sworn to serve," Birotte said.
Un bilan de la politique etrangere du Mexique sous le gouvernement de Felipe Calderon dans trois perspectives: les Imites et les succes.
Mexico's former president Felipe Calderon said that climate action can boost both developed and emerging countries as he led a new commission bringing together government and business leaders.
Calderon is currently under contract with the BFA until the end of this month and will continue his duties until it expires.
En pelea de callejon, los panistas afines al expresidente Felipe Calderon han querido derribar a su lider, Gustavo Madero, quien al verse contra la pared destituyo al coordinador de lo,' senadores del partido blanquiazul, Ernesto Cordero, fracasado aspirante a la Presidencia de la Republica.
Calderon Textiles to launch new textiles brand Melmes
Mexican President Felipe Calderon announced a second deepwater find of crude oil in the Gulf of Mexico, hailing it as a sign that state oil giant Pemex is on the road to recovery.
In August, The Dallas Morning News reported that Calderon was in talks with several universities about professor positions, including UT.