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a large crater caused by the violent explosion of a volcano that collapses into a depression

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Situated on a bay along the east coast of New Britain Island, Rabaul sits within a sunken crater, or caldera, formed during a huge eruption 1,400 years ago.
HP sees that Caldera with SCO will bring more value to the Linux and UNIX markets.
We are extremely pleased to have captured the sense of health and well-being that inspires hot tub owners," said Shelly Roberts, brand manager for Caldera Spas.
Caldera will promote Unicenter TNG as the premier management solution for Caldera OpenLinux, and CA will promote Caldera's OpenLinux product benefits for enterprise customers.
Caldera recognizes the importance of a stable 64 bit OS as the backbone supporting mission-critical business applications on Intel platforms," said Ransom Love, president and chief executive officer of Caldera Systems.
OpenLinux Workstation is an ideal develop-on environment to write applications for Linux or to UnixWare via the Linux Kernel Personality (LKP) technology," said Drew Spencer, chief technology officer of Caldera Systems Inc.
Caldera, with its license from SUN, is the only Linux company that can do this," said Yancy Lind, chief executive officer for Lutris.
During the past two quarters, Compaq has shipped more Linux servers than any other hardware vendor," said Ransom Love, president and chief executive officer of Caldera Systems.
In August 2000, Caldera announced its intention to acquire the Server Software and Professional Services Divisions of SCO (the Santa Cruz Operation Inc.
We particularly want networking professionals to attend the Caldera Volution training," said David Acheson, director of education for Caldera Systems, Inc.
Building on the highly stable and successful OpenLinux platform, Caldera again delivers a product that should attract current Caldera users, users of other distributions and newcomers to the Linux community," wrote Michael P.
Caldera Volution combines two words, evolution and velocity, which describe the impact we believe this product will have," said Ransom Love, president and chief executive officer of Caldera Systems Inc.
Acheson is responsible for the globalization of Caldera OpenLearning, Caldera's composite education and training program, through managing the worldwide marketing of OpenLearning programs and products.
Nasdaq: CALD), a "Linux for Business" leader, Monday announced the certification of Oracle8i(TM) database on Caldera OpenLinux(TM) eServer 2.