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Synonyms for Chaldean

a wise man skilled in occult learning

Related Words

an inhabitant of ancient Chaldea

Related Words

of or relating to ancient Chaldea or its people or language or culture

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Iraq's population consists mainly of a Ja'fari Shi'ite majority and several minorities, including Sunnis, and such ethnic groups as the Kurds, the Turkomans, the Assyrian and Caldean Christians, etc.
Fertility symbols of the Goddess have been found in the Caldean, Greek, Scandinavian, Hindu, Chinese and other cultures ...
Las delegaciones gubernamentales se dividen y los animos se caldean. No le es facil a los gobiernos inmolar a los paises en el altar del libre comercio.
He added that he has met with representatives from the 650-member Caldean Business Association, and has offered the entire membership free subscriptions to the Business Journal.