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the largest city in India and one of the largest cities in the world

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22) As a Calcuttan, Bagchi was molded by the Marxist ideology having a fertile ground in an age of anger, political frustration and economic stagnation.
There are plenty of specials to choose from including chicken or lamb chasni tikka, a Calcuttan dish of meat garnished with almonds, yoghurt and mango chutney (pounds 6.
But at night she cried, thinking of the gulf between her own little boy's upbringing and that of the Calcuttan children condemned to a life of misery.
Yes, it means the indigenous community will need to fight to preserve customs, language, redefine what it may mean to be a Calcuttan, jostle for space for invading communities who dare to call this new city that doesn't really belong to them their home, but it is, in the name of more than economic and social security, in the interest of reshaping a national cultural identity, undeniably and irrevocably necessary.
In her Nobel acceptance speech in 1979, Mother Teresa claimed to have saved 36,000 poor people from the Calcuttan streets, but Dr Chatterjee reckons the real figure is between 500 and 700.
For Anglo-Indian and Chinese Calcuttans resident in Canada, Calcutta is a site of identity and belonging apart from India (Blunt and Bonnerjee, 2013).