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the largest city in India and one of the largest cities in the world

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Chawla holds an engineering degree from the Institute of Engineering & Technology (IET), Lucknow, and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, India.
Top directors at West Midlands Ambulance Service are on a mercy mission to Calcutta, India, to aid life-saving clinics as monsoon season ends and brings deadly diseases to crisis point.
Petersburg - 324,000 Russian rubles;- Arslan Mahmout, Honorary Consul of Kyrgyzstan to Mersin, Turkey - 80 tons of flour, cooking oil, sugar, pasta and other food items;- Pramod Saraf, Honorary Consul of Kyrgyzstan to Calcutta, India - $8,438;- Domenique Shill, Honorary Consul of Kyrgyzstan to UK - 2,000 British pounds (approx.
Indians and rescue workers gather at the site of the horrific crash at Sainthia station north of Calcutta, India, yesterday
Indian rescue workers take out the body of the driver of the Uttarbanga Express at the site of an accident at Sainthia station, about 125 miles north of Calcutta, India
He joined the Army at 17, serving in Calcutta, India.
On a larger scale, wetlands outside of Calcutta, India, process some 600 million liters of raw urban sewage every day in 300 fish-producing ponds.
Mr Wilson was posted in Bahrain from 2001 until 2005 and currently heads the mission's office in Calcutta, India.
Born at home in Pethybridge Road, Ely, Cardiff, his late dad Bob, was an ex-policeman who grew up in Calcutta, India and his mum, Clara May, is from Butetown.
was the first rhino born in captivity since an 1889 zoo birth in Calcutta, India.
1986: Pope John Paul II visited Calcutta, India, to meet Mother Teresa
Happy to be cuddled by rugby international Gordon D'Arcy, she is unaware she is one of the lucky few in the poverty ridden slums of Calcutta, India.
An electrician in Calcutta, India, lost a large portion of his scalp after he was severely burned while repairing a high-voltage wire, and then lost a portion of skull that was deprived of its blood supply.
Born and raised in Calcutta, India, Rowley did most of his work in America, making his name buying horses who would have a lasting effect on the breed.
Bengali author Sunil Gangopadhyay has been cleared in the High Court of Calcutta, India of charges alleging that he defiled Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of learning.