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the largest city in India and one of the largest cities in the world

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They are coming in to Simla to send down their horns and heads to be dressed at Calcutta. They are exclusively sporting gentlemen, and they are allowed special faceelities by the Government.
He himself had been taught by the Sahibs, who do not consider expense, in the lordly halls of Calcutta; but, as he was ever first to acknowledge, there lay a wisdom behind earthly wisdom - the high and lonely lore of meditation.
"There was a down-country jackal had it from a brother, who told me, that in Calcutta of the South all the jackals were as fat as otters in the Rains," said the Jackal, his mouth watering at the bare thought of it.
The Adjutant had done his very best to describe his feelings after swallowing a seven-pound lump of Wenham Lake ice, off an American ice-ship, in the days before Calcutta made her ice by machinery; but as he did not know what ice was, and as the Mugger and the Jackal knew rather less, the tale missed fire.
The Pharaon left Calcutta the 5th February; she ought to have been here a month ago."
Application was made to the consul at Bangkok for Siam rice and also to the consul at Calcutta for Calcutta rice.
The Calcutta Cup, battled for annually between scotland and england, is the oldest trophy in the game.
Bannockburn RFC will host the Calcutta Cup tomorrow (Saturday) as part of the club's end-of-season festivities.
Summary: Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], Apr 8 (ANI): The Calcutta High Court on Monday ruled in favour of Rujira Narula, wife of Trinamool Congress leader and Mamata Banerjee's nephew Abhishek Banerjee, stating that she will not appear before the Customs Office till July 31.
DUBAI: Poor maintenance has been blamed for a bridge collapse that has killed at least five people in south Calcutta, in the state of West Bengal in eastern India.
So for the sake of this piece, let me try to compare how such groups fared in Lahore in Pakistan, and in Calcutta (Kolkata) in India.
Set in Calcutta during the time of the British Raj, just after World War I, the quotes from two favourite writers CJ Sansom and Ian Rankin on the front cover initially made me pick this book up.
Tathagata Neogi of Heritage Walk Calcutta, will be leading the walks and sharing interesting anecdotes about the city's past, the early days of printing, literary figures, the local heroes and colonial life.
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