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In the 1950s, he became one of the founders of a whole new scientific field, artificial intelligence (AI), whose goal was to transform the computers of the time - essentially calculating machines - into intelligent devices able to incorporate functions mimicking human capabilities and thought.
It is part of computer arithmetic, they say, so appropriate for implementing on calculating machines.
With calculating machines in hands, more intelligent of the employees cudgeled up their brains to know as to how much would be the precise increase in the salary.
He was a renaissance man who would dwarf the desiccated, calculating machines of politics today.
I think it was made by Guys Calculating Machines Ltd in Wood Green, London.
1623: Blaise Pascal, who invented the first calculating machines, was born.
Babbage had devoted years of work to a pair of convoluted mechanical calculating machines, and he saw that the punch card system would be a breakthrough.
It will turn otherwise decent people into calculating machines, weighing up the risks of falling in love.
Chess-playing computers are likely to strike us today more as powerful calculating machines rather than as virtually complete equivalents of human minds or intelligence.
In his spare time, Hooke was an inveterate instrument maker who had designs for barometers, telescopic sights, calculating machines, and watches.
Computer technology and networks are rapidly evolving from menial calculating machines to "knowledge machines" able to provide specialist information and expertise to people.