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Calculating machines and tabulating and punched card equipment were the "direct" parents of the computer.
While employees of different ranks mixed within the family, it was recommended to supervisors and white-collar employees that they avoid relations with their former schoolmates who had gone to work in the mines and factories.(72) The two groups dressed differently and lived in different kinds of houses.(73) A department head commented on the effectiveness of the system: "The accountants are only calculating machines with no humane consideration for the workers' situation."(74) There is, in company literature, the suggestion that the elaborate system of differentiation introduced by the company was a means of replacing class divisions with a more economically efficient set of differentiations based on abilities and achievements in school and the workplace.
The machine, probably the largest ever built, will replace 100 expert computers with calculating machines when in action.
Secondly, they are much more interesting human beings than many dessicated, calculating machines who strive their drab, carcerist way to a seat in the Cabinet Room.
1623: Blaise Pascal, French mathematician who invented the first calculating machines, was born.
Request for registration of suppliers & contractors regarding (a) wired & wireless communication instruments, telephone exchanges & telephone sets, related parts & operating consumables, also (b) computers, related parts & operating consumables, (c) office equipment including typewriters & calculating machines, other office requisites including copying & printing paper, also stationery & office requisites, also (d) Internet access & software for satellites, aerial mapping & images.
It will turn otherwise decent people into calculating machines, weighing up the risks of falling in love.
He nicknamed the computer Mr Babbage after Charles Babbage (1791-1871), an English mathematician who spent most of his life attempting to build two prototype calculating machines. An unfinished part of his first machine is exhibited at the London Science Museum.
These extraordinarily powerful calculating machines would employ as their bits not electric circuits but particles that obey the strange rules of quantum mechanics.
It was natural to think of computers at first simply as very fast calculating machines, different from Pascal's first adding device (see 1642) in degree but not in kind.
Request for registration of suppliers and agents regarding the supply of postal and office equipment, computers, printers, mail sorting, stamping and franking machines, calculating machines and cash counting machines, copiers, telefax machines, UPS units & camera control networks, keyboards, flash memories, wireless communication systems, POS and ATM systems, related technical support, spare parts, maintenance and operating consumables.
Four momarsa for the supply, erection & commissioning of (a) surveillance camera systems at the Authority's General Secretariat & the Express Mail Building in Ataba, (b) supply of 1,500 personal computers, (c) 200 wooden chanons & 500 wooden chairs and (d) 150 electric calculating machines with display & print-out.