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crust or layer of hard subsoil encrusted with calcium-carbonate occurring in arid or semiarid regions


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nitrate-bearing rock or gravel of the sodium nitrate deposits of Chile and Peru

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In soils of neutral to alkaline pH found in semiarid environments, the Ca released by the oxidation of oxalate in CaOx then precipitates as CaC[O.sub.3] and may contribute to the pedogenic formation of calcrete and other forms of CaC[O.sub.3] In acidic soils, because CaC[O.sub.3] is unstable, it forms Ca bicarbonate, and the soil phase of Ca recycling is deemed as being quite rapid.
Searle (1985), "Distribution of Calcrete in Holocene Coastal Sands in Relationship to Climate, Southwestern Australia," Journal of Sedimentary Research 55, 86-95.
El barniz se encuentra frecuentemente asociado a la "patina-decoloracion": mientras que en la cara expuesta de una pieza se desarrolla el barniz, en la cara opuesta -sobre la que apoya en el sustrato- tiene lugar la decoloracion que puede estar o no acompanada de calcretes. Es importante tener presente que el barniz requiere para su desarrollo -entre otras cosas- la exposicion de la superficie de la roca, debido a que, en tanto es resultado de un proceso acrecional -considerado el mas lento del mundo-, se forma exclusivamente sobre materiales que estan en superficie y no en subsuperficie (Breed et al.
Uranium mineralisation has been detected both in calcrete and alaskite rocks.
Calcrete layers are evident in the swales in the sand plains, and in some areas of Winton Formation outcrop, e.g.
Link between long-lasting evaporitic basins and the development of thick and massive phreatic calcrete hardpans in the Mississippian Windsor and Percr groups of eastern Canada.
Na Zona de Baixa Restricao encontram-se as estruturas rochosas praticamente impermeaveis como os aquicludes e aquitardes da Formacao Santa Maria Membro Alemoa, constituida por rochas sedimentares de cor avermelhada, sem textura, de carater argiloso a siltico (lamito) com pequena ocorrencia de depositos de caliche e calcrete (concrecoes calcarias).
Its origin is uncertain but may represent the degraded and weathered calcrete core of a fossil dune.
The most interesting characteristics of the Danggeli Biosphere Reserve (253,230 ha) are the rolling plains of calcrete and the shallow brown calcareous soils, but the reserve also contains areas of small mobile dunes and layers of brilliant red sand, both of which are common in the alluvial plains and clay plains of the Australian deserts.
The leach solution is then partially neutralised, using 1 Mt/y of calcrete slurry, and feeds to the hydrogen sulphide (35,000 t/y) precipitation unit where nickel, cobalt and some impurities are precipitated as a mixed sulphide filter cake.
Between the dunes are the vlei (dry calcrete pans) each with a crust of mineral mud crazed into attractive mosaics.
Most of the materials dated were calcrete with some organic carbon and/or shell fragments (Thomas and Shaw 1991).
It is likely that further commercially viable diamond pipes will eventually be located, although prospecting is hampered by the Kalahari sand, and calcrete layer which covers much of Botswana.