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a mineral used as an ore of tungsten

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The first one is the replacement of bismuth oxide with calcium tungstate or with zirconium oxide.
Diepoxide, calcium tungstate, zirconium oxide, aerosil, pigment AH Plus Amine Paste.
For example, zirconium oxide (Zr[O.sub.2]) and calcium tungstate o (CaW[O.sub.4]) when incorporated into Portland cement result in cements with radiopacity exceeding the minimum value recommended by the ANSI/ADA Specification 57 [16].
Material Materials composition Manufacture (MSDS data) AH Plus Paste A: bisphenol A epoxy Dentsply DeTrey GmbH, resin, bisphenol F epoxy resin, Konstanz, Germany calcium tungstate, zirconium oxide, aerosol, and iron oxide Paste B: dibenzyldiamine, adamantane amine, tricyclodecane diamine, calcium tungstate, zirconium oxide, aerosol, and silicon oil MTA After the mixture: salicylate Angelus Solucoes FillApex resin, natural resin, diluting Odontologicas, Londrina, resin, bismuth oxide, Parana, Brazil nanoparticulated silica, MTA, and pigments TABLE 2: Physicochemical properties of the tested materials (mean [+ or -] standard deviation).
It is an epoxy resin-based sealer, AH Plus Paste A composed of bisphenol-A epoxy resin, bisphenol-F epoxy resin, calcium tungstate, zirconium oxide, silica, and iron oxide pigments and AH Plus Paste B composed of dibenzyldiamine, amino-adamantane, tricyclodecane-diamine, calcium tungstate, zirconium oxide, silica, and silicone oil.