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a phosphate of calcium

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Percutaneous calcium phosphate injection (Subchondroplasty[R]; Zimmer Knee Creations, Inc.
Through a separate medial incision under sterile technique, this area was injected with 5 cc of calcium phosphate cement.
Calcium phosphates have great importance in biomaterials, considering that they represent the mineral phase and inorganic in most of human body hard tissues, and resembles their composition and structure.
Calcium phosphates such as hydroxyapatite and tricalcium phosphate can be readily fabricated synthetically in the laboratory from different reactions, there are different routes for synthesis instead of using minerals present in nature, the most prominent are the solid-state synthesis, wet or dry method, hydrothermal method, solgel methods, thermal processing in the case of tricalcium phosphate pass from a to P in two ways.
The present study was aimed at preparing and studying the properties of nano forms of additional calcium phosphates of molar Ca/P ratios from 1.
Calcium phosphates have also been used as drug delivery carrier due to their excellent biological properties and high surface interaction properties (31-32).
This book, "Calcium phosphate based bioceramics for bone tissue engineering", presents an up-to-date overview of the latest developments made in the field of calcium phosphate ceramics, with particular emphasis being placed on the results obtained by its authors.
This book will be essential reading material for anyone having an interest in either calcium phosphate biomaterials or bone tissue engineering methodologies.
The spray drying apparatus consisted of a nozzle that sprayed an acidic calcium phosphate solution in the form of a fine mist into a stream of filtered air flowing through a heated glass column.
Mathai Mathew (1975-present) Crystal chemistry of calcium phosphates, biomineralization, single crystal structural studies.
CPCs contain only calcium phosphates and form apatitic mineral as product upon setting at neutral pH.
Structural features of some calcium phosphates of biological interest are described.
The improved compressive strength is not compromised by the downside of long-term extravasation complications seen with competitive calcium phosphates.
The lead article, "Dental Applications of Amorphous Calcium Phosphates," authored by Dr.