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a phosphate of calcium

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Percutaneous calcium phosphate injection (Subchondroplasty[R]; Zimmer Knee Creations, Inc., Exton, PA, USA) is a relatively new procedure used to treat chronic bone marrow lesions (BMLs), also referred to as bone marrow edemas (BMEs), which are commonly associated with pain and a rapid progression to osteoarthritis.
Calcium phosphates have great importance in biomaterials, considering that they represent the mineral phase and inorganic in most of human body hard tissues, and resembles their composition and structure.
LeGeros, "Properties of osteoconductive biomaterials: calcium phosphates," Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research, no.
The magnesium functional role in development of calcium phosphates impossible to gain understanding without detail information on adequate structural changes because Mg metabolism in biological environment is very complicated for modeling in laboratory systems.
Objective: The purpose of this study was to review the current status of calcium phosphate (CaP) scaffolds combined with bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) or mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in the field of bone tissue engineering (BTE).
During recent years many researchers have tried to synthesize zinc doped calcium phosphate powder.
Moreau et al., "Processing and properties of biphasic calcium phosphates bioceramics obtained by pressureless sintering and hot isostatic pressing," Journal of the European Ceramic Society, vol.
Adding calcium phosphates to composite resins increases the release of ions available to mineralize between natural teeth and resins, leading to a higher filler mass ratio.
Metal implants have been coated with layers of calcium phosphates mainly composed of hydroxyapatite.
The in vitro dissolution rates of different calcium phosphates and set CPC products were studied using a dual constant composition titration method to predict in vivo resorption properties (19).
Effect of rapidly resorbable calcium phosphates and a calcium phosphate bone cement on the expression of bone-related genes and proteins in vitro.
Key performance-enhancing dements include branched-chain amino adds, glycerol, ultra-high bioavailable whey protein, beta alanine, sodium and calcium phosphates, and such neuro focus agents as choline, taurine and BCAA.
Both of these problems can be reduced by adding calcium phosphates into the calcium sulfate cements.
The latest science on calcium phosphates and bone health:
To gain insight into the roles of LDL, CH, and their oxidized forms during the early stages of vascular calcification, we investigated the effects of these substances on the precipitation of calcium phosphates in aqueous solutions under constant physiologic pH and 37 [degrees]C.
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