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a phosphate of calcium

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This book, "Calcium phosphate based bioceramics for bone tissue engineering", presents an up-to-date overview of the latest developments made in the field of calcium phosphate ceramics, with particular emphasis being placed on the results obtained by its authors.
This book will be essential reading material for anyone having an interest in either calcium phosphate biomaterials or bone tissue engineering methodologies.
The spray drying apparatus consisted of a nozzle that sprayed an acidic calcium phosphate solution in the form of a fine mist into a stream of filtered air flowing through a heated glass column.
This process requires that the solution being sprayed contains only calcium and phosphate ions and an acid component needed to solubilize the calcium phosphate compound.
Upgrading Calcium Phosphate Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Applications
Calcium Phosphate Glass (CPG): Potential as Biomaterial for Hard-Tissue Repair
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CPCs contain only calcium phosphates and form apatitic mineral as product upon setting at neutral pH.
Research on calcium phosphate chemistry at NIST led to the discovery of the worlds first self-hardening calcium phosphate cements (CPC) in 1987.
Since calcium phosphates comprise the largest group of biominerals in vertebrate animals, most of the work carried out, was centered on or around calcium phosphates or related materials.
The known pure calcium phosphates have been classified into three major structural types (1): (i) the apatite type, [Ca.
For the first time, surgeons can treat their patients with a high-strength material that reliably converts to bone, without some of the documented risks of available calcium phosphate products.