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The study revealed that low voltage T-type channels generate tiny pulses of current at regular intervals by selectively passing positively charged cations across the cell's membrane through a gate-like channel and the channels are normally extremely selective, allowing just one sodium ion to pass for every 10,000 calcium ions.
The research team managed to remove the calcium ions from the whole molecule complex and then study the structure using EPR spectroscopy, electron paramagnetic resonance.
Portland cements and MTA are rich in calcium ions, which are converted to calcium hydroxide upon contact with the water.
It is thought that the changes in free-flowing calcium ions caused by calcium channel blockers may disrupt your body's intracellular collagen breakdown pathway, leading to increased tissue growth that results in a swelling of the gums.
Suk says nanobiosensors could potentially measure processes as sensitive as the flux of calcium ions inside a cell.
Previously reported method for determining free calcium ions in serum using PLD required appropriate ionic strength for its reaction (8).
The number of calcium ions that are detected in an evoked microdomain may be estimated as follows.
Lonza, a relatively new player, offers synthetic Mg|(OH).sub.2~ flame retardants, which boast 97-98% purity with few or no calcium ions on the surface of the material.
The photoprotein binds calcium ions and emits a blue light signal proportional to the amount of calcium present.
By bombarding a thin film of americium with calcium ions, the research team was able to measure photons in connection with the new element's alpha decay.
The concentration of calcium ions in mammary glands is thought to be associated with the integrity of mammary tight junctions during lactation (Neville and Peaker, 1981), suggesting that the calcium ion concentration in mammary glands plays a role in regulating the physiological function of milk production.
The new work synthesized element 118 from different materials--an isotope of californium and calcium ions. During each of two several-months-long experimental runs, the research team pummeled the californium with 10 million trillion calcium ions, says Mark A.