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It is an ionized form of calcium, which gives truly idea about the status of calcium homeostasis.
In addition to SERCA2a, another Na [sup]+/Ca [sup]2+ exchanger (NCX) distributed in the t-tubular sarcoplasmic-sarcolemmal junctions also play an essential role in maintaining the calcium homeostasis of myocytes.
Tolerability and safety profiles were favorable and similar overall in all study groups, with no treatment-related major AEs reported; no clinically significant changes were noted in calcium homeostasis and no subjects experienced elevations in serum calcium levels above the normal range.
Counterpoint: estrogen effects on calcitropic hormones and calcium homeostasis.
2]S regulates calcium homeostasis in neurons via both increasing calcium influx and mobilizing calcium from ER [19].
Maternal calcium homeostasis is maintained by hormonal adaptive mechanisms, thus, the role of dietary calcium supplementation in altering maternal responses to fetal-infant demand for calcium is thought to be limited.
Calcium Homeostasis downloaded 1/11/2015 from http://courses/washington.
Differential modulation of synaptic transmission by calcium chelators in young and aged hippocampal CA1 neurons: evidence for altered calcium homeostasis in aging.
They discuss nutritional requirements for calcium and vitamin D for the prevention of osteoporosis; the physiology of vitamin D, calcium, and phosphate absorption; plasma and extracellular fluid calcium homeostasis in relation to metabolic bone disease and the role of the kidney; calcium sensing receptors; the role of parathyroid hormone in calcium and phosphate homeostasis; phosphate homeostasis and metabolic bone disease; the role of vitamin D in bone health; the physiological actions of calcitonin; and the definition, diagnosis, and significance of osteoporosis.
Initiation of lactation places one of the greatest stresses on Calcium homeostasis and is associated with hypocalcemic parturient paresis among high producing dairy cows (Horst and Reinhardt, 1983).
Calcium homeostasis is maintained, principally, by the actions of three hormones, the active metabolite of vitamin D3, 1, 25-dihydroxycholecalciferol, parathyroid hormone (PTH) and calcitonin.
Background: The traditional Chinese medicine Praeruptorin c (Pra-c) has many physiological and pharmacological effects, including antagonistic effects on blood pressure and calcium levels, maintenance of cellular calcium homeostasis, and improved cardiac systolic and diastolic function.
We also review calcium homeostasis and supplementation as they relate to this situation.
Medical emergencies associated with disorders of calcium homeostasis.
They found that the calcium homeostasis modulator 1 (CALHM1) protein, recently identified by the Foskett lab as a novel ion channel, is indispensable for taste via release of ATP.