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Based in Charlottesville, VA and Cambridge, MA Cavion is a clinical-stage biotechnology company that creates therapies aimed at modulating the T-type calcium channel for the treatment of chronic and rare neurological diseases.
In the present study, we investigated the role of astaxanthin on calcium homeostasis throughout calcium channels, calcium binding proteins and NMDA receptor subunits.
Title: T-type calcium channels determine the vulnerability of dopaminergic neurons to mitochondrial stress in familial Parkinson's disease
[10-13] The [Ca.sub.v] 2.1 encodes for both P and Q type calcium channels and these channels are highly expressed presynaptically where they are critically involved in neurotransmission and synaptic efficacy and therefore have a great influence on neuronal excitability.
"Our findings indicate that just this building block in the calcium channel can be a new target for treating diabetes," says Per-Olof Berggren.
Electromagnetic fields act via activation of voltage-gated calcium channels to produce beneficial or adverse effects.
Calcium channel blockers such as amlodipine and cilnidipine are very effective antihypertensive agents by virtue of their action on L-type calcium channels present in the vascular smooth muscles.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A specific calcium channel plays a crucial role in deep, slow-wave sleep, scientists discovered.
This study was undertaken to compare the effects of extract from fruits of medicinal plant Ammi visnaga which contains natural calcium channel blocker and verapamil on volume and acidity of carbachol induced gastric secretion.
In particular, most LTD in the hippocampus depends on NMDAR (Malenka and Nicoll, 1993), whereas LTD in the striatum requires L-type calcium channels (Fino et al., 2010).
Washington, May 15 ( ANI ): Researchers have shown how the toxin Vc1.1 inhibits neuronal calcium channels to reduce neuropathic pain.
Two of the four loci are related to voltage-gated transmembranal calcium channels, the authors noted.
Two of the four loci are related to voltage-gated transmembranal calcium channels. One of these has been previously identified as a risk gene for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depressive disorder.
Although, the role of STS in the inhibition of protein kinases during neurite outgrowth was clear but its function on plasma membrane calcium channels and receptors remains to be fully known [10,11].
In summary, this study showed that nimodipine (voltage-dependent calcium channel antagonist type L) decreased clonic and tonic seizures from Primphos in mice is probably the main mechanism anticonvulsant related to block calcium channels and reduce calcium flow within neurons.
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