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The study conducted by the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC), found that daily use of calcium supplements in women was associated with a lower risk of death, irrespective of cause.
said this study should not cause anyone to stop taking calcium supplements, and NPA has long recommended consumers discuss calcium intake with their healthcare professional.
The study, in the April 19 issue of BMJ, suggests that calcium supplements may cause "abrupt" increases in blood calcium levels within hours that can affect platelet function or endothelial cell activity.
Many people, especially those over age 50, take calcium supplements to prevent or treat osteoporosis.
Calcium supplements are important to women, who are particularly at risk for bone disease.
Because calcium carbonate is the overwhelmingly most popular calcium supplement, the changes we have observed merit further investigation.
Instruct patients who are shopping for calcium supplements to look for the amount of elemental calcium noted on the product label, not the amount of calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, or calcium phosphate, Dr.
Iron: Taking iron supplements or a multivitamin with iron at the same time as a calcium supplement will reduce iron absorption.
Millions of women take daily calcium supplements for bone health and vitamin D to ensure the calcium is properly absorbed.
German researchers who followed nearly 24,000 men and women for 11 years found that those who took calcium supplements had roughly double the risk of a heart attack of those who didn't take calcium supplements.
Washington, February 5 ( ANI ): Men taking calcium supplements may be at an increased risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, a new study suggests.
Further adjustments for body mass index, race, smoking, calcium supplement use, intake of vitamin D, dietary intake of vitamin A and protein, alcohol intake, and diuretic use strengthened the effect: The relative risk among the highest quintile of intake by this calculation was 0.
Q A friend told me she doesn't take a calcium supplement because it raises the risk of heart attack.
The second group took a calcium supplement of 600 mg.
Unfortunately, the calcium supplement doesn't seem to have any effect on blood-lead levels while [women are] lactating," he says.