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heat a substance so that it oxidizes or reduces

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Muscat: MMEC Mannesmann has partnered with ACWA Power to develop the "Sohar Calciner" project in Oman.
The 'Sohar Calciner' project will produce calcined coke to the local aluminum industry and, upon completion of its first phase, will enable the production of 1.1 million tonne of aluminum annually and 2.2 million tonne by completion of the second phase.
New Delhi [India], Oct 9 ( ANI ): The Supreme Court on Tuesday put restriction on import of petroleum coke or pet coke by the aluminium and calciner industries up to 0.5 million tonnes and 1.4 million tonnes respectively per year.
It is first fed into the elevated cold end, the right side of the drying part, and as the kiln rotates it moves along the declining inner bed due to gravity, towards the exit which is at the left side of calciner. During the long inner rolling, the material is first preheated in drying part, where the temperature is 150[degrees]C~200[degrees]C, and then goes into the calciner which includes an inner pot, as shown in Figure 2.
"The calciner and marine plays a crucial role in Alba's operations, especially as we embark on further expansion.
Carbon Engineering uses natural gas to drive the calciner process.
Once the solid calcium carbonate has been separated from the solution, it is sent to a device called a fluid-bed calciner. The calciner operates at about 900[degrees]C, which causes the calcium carbonate to decompose into calcium oxide (CaO), during which pure C[O.sub.2] is released as a gas.
Alba was represented by Environment Engineer , Sayed Salah Aqeel Ali Mohammed, Superintendent Desalination, Calciner & Marine Plant, Ali Abdul Hassan Hussain and Senior Industrial Hygienist, Osama Kamel Alnasser.
In 2004 he was promoted to a superintendent at the Calciner and Marine Department and then ultimately manager of the department.He has also worked as the manager in the Carbon 1 & 2 Department and most recently was promoted to senior manager of human resources in 2013.
The project to develop a 560,000 tonnes per annum calciner in Shandong, China -- in which Dubai Aluminium (Dubal) owns a 20 per cent stake as part of a joint venture with Sinoway Carbon Energy Holdings, Hong Kong -- has been completed on schedule.
Temporary lifters were installed in the calciner to provide better spodumene pre-heating and heat transfer within the kiln.
The scope of supply for the Caxitu project includes a circular limestone storage, a longitudinal storage and reclaimer system for raw materials and a similar system for additives, a longitudinal storage for pet-coke, an Atox raw mill, a Tirax coal mill, an in-line calciner preheater system, and a Rotax kiln and SF cooler.
Deliveries will include a gas suspension calciner, hydrate storage and reclaiming equipment, pan filters, baghouse filters, a pipe conveyor and a material handling system for two silos of 25,000 tonnes each.
The hot combustion gases enriched by the C[O.sub.2] from the calciner are dedusted in a cyclone and cooled in a heat exchanger by the air that fluidizes the calciner.