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the conversion of metals into their oxides as a result of heating to a high temperature

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The sample was calcinated at 800[degrees]C for 10 min in order to get a carbonous composite [36].
8 and is calcinated at 850[degrees]C for 2 hours (CSi-4-1), which leads to the highest Si/Na molar ratio of 1: 1.
These peaks were observed in MSN but they were absent in calcinated MSN that indicate, CTAB was totally removed by calcination method at 550[degrees]C after 4 h (Fig.
The resulting powder with a red-brown color was calcinated at 600[degrees]C for 6 h.
White carbonate clasts (5-100 cm) are calcinated fragments of sedimentary rocks (Figs.
The experimental calcination temperatures established in the rotary kiln were restricted between 750[degrees]C and 940[degrees]C, since according the STA analysis, the dehydroxilation of the kaolinite occurs from 400[degrees]C to 900[degrees]C Due to the formation of particle aggregates during the calcination process, some of the calcinated materials (MK-830, MK-850, MK-900 and MK-940) were submitted to a soft mechanical disaggregation (Table 4).
170] investigated the influence of the individual phases by using densified and calcinated reinforcement by hot press technique and the analysis of the depoling studies.
Effect of zinc content on in vitro dissolution of non-calcinated and calcinated Zn-containing hydroxyapatite.
9, [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII] does not mean "crushed," but is Arabic [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII], an abbreviation of [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII] "burned or calcinated copper"; cf.
The cupola furnace operates in batch mode, consisting of three processing steps: 1) Charging/Melting: calcinated lime, sodium carbonate, borate, anthracite, and crushed shells are slowly fed into the furnace and melted; 2) Cupolation: air and oxygen lancing are used to reduce iron and cadmium; and 3) Nitrogen/Casting: sodium carbonate and nitrate are added to further oxidize the dore and remove selenium and copper.
An annual contract to supply 6 million Kraft paper sacks plus/ minus 25 % for the packaging of calcinated gypsum.
The calcinated OSA had a specific surface area of 28 [m.
Kuwait Gypsum Manufacturing was established in 1983, with a facility at Mina Abdullah Industrial area that produces more than one hundred tons of calcinated Gypsum powder per day.
The effect of calcinated calcium and chlorine treatments on Escherichia coli 0157: H7 87-23 population reduction in radish sprouts.
The obtained white powder turned into zinc oxide nanoparticles in the oven after being calcinated.