calcium oxide

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a white crystalline oxide used in the production of calcium hydroxide

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T, Sato, T, "Synthesis and Microstructure of Calcia Doped Ceria as UV Filters." J.
Smith (17) also used boron as a sintering aid for calcia stabilized zirconia and he concluded that [B.sub.2][0.sub.3] is an effective sintering aid to form low-melting borate phases.
McAvennie has joined forces with football agency Calcia Promotions and he's adamant Hill has paid his dues and will prove himself this season at Firs Park.
The Swedish document automation software provider ReadSoft AB said on Tuesday (7 October) that it had won a major order for its electronic invoice processing solution INVOICES from the French cement producer Ciments Calcia.
You can take a supplement like Calcia (pounds 3.79 for a month's supply) which provides the RDA plus other vital nutrients (01283 228 344).
The complex oxides consist of zinc oxide (ZnO), cupric oxide (GuO), iron oxide (FeO), tin oxide (Sn[O.sub.2]), silica (Si[O.sub.2]), calcia (GaO) and phosphates.
As controversy still surrounds the benefits of supplements to provide the nutrients, the makers of Calcia Glucosamine are looking for 100 active people to try out the product for them.
He is pre-deceased by siblings, Statia Nadolny, Helen Ward, Viola Kulik, Josie Calcia, Chester Kaliszewski, and Joseph J.
The 'DF' Stone had reduced fluorine, potash, calcia, iron, alumina and increased silica.
Try Calcia, with added vitamin D - available from all Boots stores, grocery stores, Superdrug, independent chemists and health food stores.
Calcia is a calcium supplement combined with key vitamins and iron.