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calceolus, within Appendix II (Animal and Plant Species of Community Interest Whose Conservation is Necessary to Designate Special Areas of Conservation), and S.
calceolus. This species is most likely, among all species of orchids included in the 2010 Red List of Spanish Vascular Flora, the species that is included in the most catalogues of protection, is the most studied, and has the most protection, since the threat to this species in the Iberian Peninsula was detected more than twenty years ago, being, along with S.
calceolus (Table 1) [86]; however, it would be convenient to include E.
calceolus) at the national level, all of them catalogued as in Danger of Extinction according to the RC of Catalonia; only G.
calceolus, which is the species that is best protected at a legal level, and S.
While small bees belonging to three genera may pollinate Cypripedium calceolus (Table 1) there are sites in Europe where this orchid is pollinated exclusively by bees in a single genus (Kull, 2008).
Fruit-set and recruitment in populations of Cypripedium calceolus L.
Anthecological studies on the Lady's Slipper, Cypripedium calceolus (Orchidaceae).
Floral fragrance disparity between three taxa of lady's slipper Cypripedium calceolus L.