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the largest tarsal bone

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The calcaneus bone of the right heel (the left is incomplete) has a bony spur or enthesis where the Achilles tendon attaches.
Children ALAD BLL, HB 2004 Abbreviations: BLL, blood lead level; BUN, blood urea nitrogen; CBL, calcaneus bone lead; DBP, diastolic blood pressure; DMSA, DMSA- chelatable lead; HB, hemoglobin; PBL, patella bone lead; SBP, systolic blood pressure; SC, serum creatinine; TBL, tibia bone lead; ZPP, zinc protoporphyrin.
Our data are in agreement with the observation that after 6 weeks of bed rest, only trends toward a decrease in total-body bone mineral density, as well as decreases in the lumbar spine, trunk, and legs have been found (7), whereas substantial decreases in total-body, lumbar spine, femoral neck, trochanter, tibia, and calcaneus bone mineral densities were present after 17 weeks of immobilization (6).
Mrs Gatland said her husband landed falling backwards, "so his heels took the impact and the calcaneus bone, that heel bone, is a really painful injury.
The origin of the muscle was in the superior third of the anterior fascia of the soleus muscle and the insertion, was attached with separate tendon, in the anteromedial surface of calcaneus bone.
Finally, calcaneus bone Pb exposure was categorized into quartiles based on the exposure of the control group as follows: first (0-11.70 [micro]g/g), second (11.71-19.07 [micro]g/g), third (19.08-25.28 [micro]g/g), and fourth ([greater than or equal to] 25.29 [micro]g/g).