Achilles tendon

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a large tendon that runs from the heel to the calf

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5 inch standard needle is guided under real-time ultrasound guidance to the insertion of the calcaneal tendon and specifically underneath/anterior to any identified enthesophyte and in very close proximity to calcification.
The Achilles tendon or Common Calcaneal Tendon (CCT) is the largest in the body and is vulnerable to physical stress due to its limited blood supply and superficial location.
Classifying calcaneal tendon injury according to MRI findings.
Students presented on a variety of topics including kinematics and kinetics of various exercises, use of anthropometric calculations for weightlifters, isokinetics of shoulder exercises, exercise effect and loading for people with low back pain, kinematics of stroke gait, ground reaction forces of running (human and equine), mathematical modeling approaches to reaching and walking, tissue biomechanics of the calcaneal tendon and patellar tendon.
Melmed EP: Spontaneous bilateral rupture of the calcaneal tendon during steroid therapy.