Achilles tendon

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a large tendon that runs from the heel to the calf

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(4,10) Passing the extracapsular suture beneath the common calcaneal tendon and medial metatarsal vein in this case appeared to avoid similar complications and allowed for a normal functional outcome.
Caption: FIGURE 2: Dissection of left leg and foot to show accessory flexor digitorum longus muscle (AFDL: accessory flexor digitorum longus muscle; CT: calcaneal tendon; FDL: flexor digitorum longus tendon; FHL: flexor hallucis longus tendon; TP: tibialis posterior tendon; QP: quadratus plantae muscle).
The course of SN related to the calcaneal tendon was examined (Apaydin et al, 2009; Eid & Hegazy, 2011).
More distally, the course of SN related to the lateral margin of calcaneal tendon, the most prominent part or tip of LM and SSV was studied.
Repair of chronic complete traumatic rupture of the common calcaneal tendon in a dog, using a fascia lata graft- case report and literature review.
Common calcaneal tendon (CCT) injuries may be partial or complete and may involve any combination of the three tendons that make up the CCT.
Ruptures of the common calcaneal tendon. Can Vet J.
--After releasing the deep fascia of the leg, we can reach the region of the FDALM, where appear immediately, between the flexor digitorum longus muscle ahead, and the calcaneal tendon behind.
Bonnel and Cruess observed a forked tendon inserted on the medial and lateral aspects of the calcaneum (19) whereas Barberini et al, reported the tendon to be inserted on medial to the calcaneal tendon. (20)
It may insert into the calcaneal tendon, calcaneus or the flexor retinaculum.
The Achilles tendon (Common Calcaneal Tendon, CCT)) is the strongest tendon of the musculoskeletal system in dog.
Transposition of Sartorius muscle for treatment of recurrent common calcaneal tendon rupture.
The effect of injection of hydrocortisone into rabbit calcaneal tendons. J Bone Joint Surg [Br] 1972; 54-B: 729.