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a member of the North American Indian people of Oregon

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The three watersheds were selected to indicate a southerly gradient toward poorer soil quality and higher geomorphic constraint resulting in declining agricultural intensity from the Calapooya to Deer Creek to Myrtle Creek.
Largest of the three major "tribes" inhabiting the valley at early white contact was the Calapooya. This loose ethnic collectivity included at least a dozen autonomous bands residing in the area extending from Willamette Falls to the Calapooya Mountains and upper Umpqua river drainage and from the foothills of the Cascades to the summit of the Coast Range.
Although few in number, the Klickitat roamed widely through the valley and were considered troublesome trespassers by Indians and whites alike.(3) In spite of the fact that interband raiding was customary in earlier times, relations among the Calapooya, Clackamas, and Molalla were generally peaceful in the early nineteenth century.
Parrish, who concentrated on the Calapooya bands in thee Champoeg-Salem area.
They have an indescribable dread of being removed East of the Cascades."(16) Spalding was of the opinion that the Calapooya were doing quite well living among and working for the whites, earning from one to three dollars a day splitting rails and performing other tasks.
On March 10, 1855, twenty-one Winnefelley (Coast Fork) Calapooya Indians congregated at Spores' Landing (near Coburg) to receive twelve blankets, two comforts, three dresses, one plow, thirty-five yards of print cloth, three flannel shirts, eight Hickey shirts, three pairs of men's shoes, seven pairs of women's shoes, five pairs of socks, and one yoke of oxen.
That area ended up as part of Weyerhaeuser's Calapooya Tree Farm.
Deputy Brad O'Dell attempted to stop a vehicle for a traffic violation in the 1000 block of South Calapooya Street in Sutherlin at 12:03 a.m.
The Willamette is one of the largest national forests in the country, with 1.68 million acres extending from the Mount Jefferson area east of Salem south to the Calapooya Mountains northeast of Roseburg.
Board of Geographic Names has adopted the spelling "Calapooya," as in the Calapooya Divide, mountains on the Lane-Douglas county border.
Heavy rainfall last week had stirred up sediment in Calapooya Creek, plugging the water system's intake.
Public Works Director Dan Kelly was still working at the Calapooya Creek intake site late Tuesday afternoon, trying to improvise a temporary fix.
Little Hoop, of Sioux heritage, is a student at Albany's Calapooya Middle School and participated in her first competitive meet only 21 months ago.
The Bohemia Mining District is 35 miles southeast of town in the Calapooya Mountains and its history goes back to the 1860s when gold prospectors first came to the area.
Technical assistance grant; continued revision of home occupation code; public hearing on conditional use permit for new wastewater treatment facility at 105 Goodman Ave., next to Calapooya Creek.