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a machine that smooths or glazes paper or cloth by pressing it between plates or passing it through rollers

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press between rollers or plates so as to smooth, glaze, or thin into sheets

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Choose from a wall calander ora desk calander each priced pounds 12 including free delivery to you or direct to the recipient.
Please check the rest of the calander for all the series).
Why: The senior partner at KPMG in Birmingham has decided not to hold its annual client cocktail party this Christmas - one of the highlights of the city's social calander - in response to the challenging economic times.
The three layers pass between the embossing anvil drum and the sonotrodes in the calander, being laminated in precisely scattered bonding points over their entire width without heat or glue.
It was the village of Calander, north of Stirling and Dunblane, and just before the rise of the first hill of the Scottish Highlands, Ben Ledi (2883ft).
Calander Year December Fiscal year 2009 2008 (Jan - Dec 2008) Units vs.
KRISHNA Janmasthmi is observed on the eight day of the month of Shravan in the Hindu calander, which will fall on August 24, 2008.
It's an easy to run, home-based business perfect for anyone who loves kids and wants to work a school based calander (summers off, plus holidays, breaks, etc.
TV presenter Monty Halls and a seal pup on the Monach Islands Traditional thatched cottages on North Uist The islands play host to plenty of live music The ruins of Calander House on deserted Vallay Go looking for otters on South Uist Tranquil beauty on the island of Eriskay, in the Outer Hebrides
7 million tons of steel in the Iranian calander year of 1393 (ended March 20, 2015)," Sa'ad Mohammadi told FNA.
Brave transplant patients Kirsty, above, Anders, right and Louise above right, posed for the calander designed to raise awareness of the importance of organ donations LIFEISBEAUTIFUL.
Today is Pentecost Sunday, an important feast day in the Christian calander when the Holy Spirit gave the 12 apostles the courage to proclaim the word of God.
The acquisition is subject to customary closing conditions and is expected to close in early calander year 2000.
Limited tenders are invited for Pen (pierre cardin paris), calander (as per sample enclos, pen (cello-roll & ball giftset, note book (dairy), pen (montex activa)
Limited Tenders are invited for 1)Diary Qty: 150 No 2)Safety Calander 1999 Qty: 900 No 8)Null Qty: Null Null