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(Italian cuisine) squid prepared as food

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The meals included in the promo are pork sisig, calamares, Pizza Cowboy Especiale (crispy and chewy), pizza seafood (crispy and chewy), Cowboys Chicken-in-a-Basket, chicken buffalo wings, nicks chicken, mega sampler, crispy pata, nachos grande, sizzling bulalo, mixed seafood, gambas, barbeque, grilled squid, ranch beef, adobo, caldereta, pancit Canton, bihon, Shanghai, kare-kare, and Mexican sampler.
Los calamares y potas (Cephalopoda: Teuthoidea) del mar peruano.
The best seats are always at the tapas bar- which serves all the classics such as tortilla, croquetas de jamon, calamares or chorizo cooked in Asturian cider and, of course, paella.
The best seats are always at the tapas bar - which serves all the classics such as tortilla, croquetas de jamon, calamares or chorizo cooked in Asturian cider and, of course, paella!
The Mofongo de Calamares, a Caribbean dish of fried calamari with fried plantains, is fresh and spicy.
The calamares encebollados (PS7.50) was, for me, the undoubted pick of the bunch - strips of soft fried squid nestled in a seasoned poached onion and sherry sauce, with garlic and bay leaves combining to create a deep rich aftertaste long after each perfectly-textured serving had slipped down.
Seville's is starting 2014 with a new chef, Joan Mico, who has launched a menu brimming with authentic specialties such as calamares fritos, the all-new chicken flamenquines - a tapas dish - and paella de langosta, a paella dish with spiny lobster.
Variacion espacio-temporal de las paralarvas de calamares (Cephalopoda: Ommastrephidae) de importancia comercial en la costa occidental de la Peninsula de Baja California.
The paella is served traditional-style: clams, shrimp, scallops, chicken, pork, ripe tomatoes, calamares, mussels--all baked into the perfectly seasoned yellow rice and splashed with white wine.
I originally opted for the calamares de sale (pounds 4.95) - fried camalari with garlic saffron mayonnaise - but was told the last dish had been sold so instead went for the vegetarian side platter (pounds 6.95) which comprised of a number of dishes including beetroot, marinated carrots and couscous and delicious dips.
A separate menu for catering orders features dishes not on the regular one: the Mexican-inspired menudo, calamares (fried shrimp wrapped in flour) and spaghetti.
British global information management solutions firm SDL (LON:SDL) unveiled the takeover of Netherlands-headquartered software company Calamares without giving any financial details.
The Spanish dish calamares en su tinta can series The Man From U.N.C.L.E.?