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a town in northern France on the Strait of Dover that serves as a ferry port to England

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He arrived at Calais at half past four in the afternoon.
As for the latter, he had been considerably neglected during his mother's absence by Mademoiselle Genevieve, her French maid; for that young woman, contracting an attachment for a soldier in the garrison of Calais, forgot her charge in the society of this militaire, and little Rawdon very narrowly escaped drowning on Calais sands at this period, where the absent Genevieve had left and lost him.
"I was returning from France a few days afterwards, and, at Calais, the prisoner came on board the packet-ship in which I returned, and made the voyage with me."
"Far down the course of time I can see her still leading the nations, a wayward queen among the peoples, great in war, but greater in peace, quick in thought, deft in action, with her people's will for her sole monarch, from the sands of Calais to the blue seas of the south."
Sir, whether you find me temporarily and cheaply lodging in an empty London house, or in a Calais apartment, you find Harriet with me.
At a hundred paces from the gates of Calais, D'Artagnan's horse gave out, and could not by any means be made to get up again, the blood flowing from his eyes and his nose.
Serge Orlov, 62, will be operated on in Calais under a little-known arrangement that allows GPs to refer cases there - with the NHS footing the bill.
POLICE reinforcements have arrived in the French port city of Calais after clashes among migrants left 22 people injured, with the government warning of more potential violence among those seeking to cross into the UK.
(AP) LONDON: Theresa May's promise to beef up border security in Calais with a AaAaAeA 44 million cash injection during a UK-French summit on Thursday would be better spent creating safe, legal channels for migrants stranded at the border, refugee organizations said.
French President FranAaAaAeAoois Hollande said Monday that the Calais "Jungl camp would be "definitely dismantled." The president is on a visit to the port city to meet with city and law enforcement officials but is not scheduled to visit the infamous camp.
BRITAIN and France have pledged to work together to address the Calais migrant crisis in the wake of questions about the future of co-operation on border controls.
Britain has already provided around PS85 million to reinforce security; | Addressing humanitarian challenges in Calais, where around 7,000 migrants are now gathered - including 5,000 without housing; | Continuing to work together to return illegal migrants in Calais who are not in need of protection; | Bringing unaccompanied asylum-seeking children to the UK when in their best interest.
Migrants queue to receive their daily food distribution in a makeshift camp in Calais, northern France