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a region of southern Italy (forming the toe of the Italian 'boot')

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The researchers said the genetic affinity observed between Cypriots and Calabrian Italians could be a result of a common ancient Greek (Achaean) genetic contribution to both populations, as both Calabria and Cyprus were settled by Achaean Greeks in the late Bronze Age.
It's a Calabrian spreadable salami, made with shoulder and belly of pork mixed with roasted peppers and spices.
La Stampa has recently published a report that Libyan artifacts have been put out for sale at an auction run by two mafia groups in southern Italy, the Calabrian Ndrangheta and the Neapolitan Camorra criminal gang.
Swiss company INEOS has purchased Calabrian Holdings Corp.
Calabrian Corporation, a producer of liquid Sulphur Dioxide in North America, is constructing a liquid Sulphur Dioxide production facility in Eastern Canada.
The fire broke out at a Calabrian pine forest in Ferhatly neighborhood at around 11 p.
More than 200 migrants arrived at the Calabrian port of Crotone in south-west Italy on board the Belgian navy ship Godetia.
The road show also aimed to promote new business relations between the UAE and the Calabria region by facilitating the investments in the region, and focusing on the internationalisation of Calabrian companies.
Yesterday a further 446 were rescued from a leaking ship about 80 miles south of the Calabrian coast.
Spiced with warm reminiscences and almost-edible photos, the book includes lovingly detailed recipes from all over Italy--Farro Soup from the Abruzzi, mint-infused Stuffed Eggplant from Sicily, Calabrian Baked Pasta Casserole, Risotto with Radicchio from the Veneto, Neapolitan Potato Pie.
The most populated city and the seat of the Calabrian Regional Council, however, is Reggio.
A paccheri napoletana, a dish of spicy Calabrian sausage and a garlicy, thick tomato sauce served with the big tube paccheri pasta (PS10.
It is here that the debate on the 'Ndrangheta begins," the Calabrian bishops said in the document.
Italian Coast Guard spokesman Filippo Marini said that after several hours of struggling in rough seas, rescue teams managed to secure the Ezadeen for towing toward the southern Calabrian region.
For main I had pizza piccante (PS11), with spicy Calabrian sausage, roast red pepper, tomato and mozzarella.