Cakile maritima

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salt-tolerant seashore annual grown for its fragrant rose or violet flowers and fleshy grey-green foliage

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Only 8 specimens from this list (Callitriche intermedia, Circaea alpina, Salsola kali, Swertia perennis, Lunaria rediviva, Cakile maritima, Dentaria bulbifera, Betula nana) have survived in the herbarium.
Some physiological and biochemical aspects of salt tolerance in two oleaginous halophytes: Cakile maritima and crithmum maritium.
Lipid composition of seeds of local halophytes: Cakile maritima, Zygophyllum album and Crithmum maritimum.
Physiological measurements made on greenhouse-grown Cakile maritima from northern California indicate relatively high photosynthetic capacities with maximum photosynthetic rates of 37 [[micro]molar]-[m.sup.-2]-[s.sup.-1] and conductances of 12 mm-[s.sup.-1] (De Jong 1978).