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a Louisianian descended from Acadian immigrants from Nova Scotia ('Cajun' comes from 'Acadian')

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Special guests this year will include The Jukes' cajun alter-ego Cajuns Denbo, who sing in Welsh, English and French.
Although thousands of Creoles and Cajuns still learned their French at home, thousands more would grow up without fluent knowledge of their cultural language as American radio and popular music, English-language newspapers, and school instruction in English began to crowd out any public or quasiofficial recognition of Louisiana French.
Becoming Cajun, Becoming American: The Acadian in American Literature from Longfellow to James Lee Burke.
Vidrine could have not done a better job in connecting the natural history of the Cajun prairie (flora, fauna, soils, hydrology, and other abiotic factors) with its people (both non-native and indigenous).
When Terry writes, later in this piece, in a summary explanation of who the Cajuns are, that they were "displaced" by the French, we know she has not done her homework (it was the English who displaced them, and displaced is hardly the right word for the horrific forced removal called the Grand Derangement, where families were separated and put in boats like slave ships where it was often impossible to sit down.) This is a good example, of how, in a well-meaning piece that gets many of the environmental issues right, cultural mistakes of this magnitude could shade the way one reads the piece.
To varying extents, all of them cut their teeth on the now defunct bush tracks of Cajun country at ramshackle weekend meetings where local folk matched their horses - mainly quarter-horses - in big-money, head-to-head betting races in front of lively, sozzled crowds.
The list of contributors is a rogue's gallery of artists from Wales, Louisiana (the traditional home of Cajun music), and beyond.
MHL: IfCajun still, to some degree, means a somewhat rural person with somewhat limited outside experience, can Cajuns write about educated Cajuns while still capturing Cajun culture in their fiction or is it just in writing about more rural Cajuns who have not gone very far from home that represents a true, more complex picture of Cajun life?
It's sumthin' unique to Cajuns. It's a lot of fun and it's relaxin.'"
No Place, Louisiana, by newcomer Martin Pousson, tells the semiautobiographical tale of a gay boy's Cajun family.
CAJUNS are the descendants of French who began emigrating in the mid-1600s to Acadia, now Nova Scotia.
The Cajuns (short for Acadians) are descended from the French Canadians who were expelled from Nova Scotia--Acadiana to them--in 1755 by the British.
Drawing on literary sources, including Longfellow's poem Evangeline, and the Cajuns' rich musical heritage, Monte, Brown, and Peaslee created what is not so much a historical chronicle as an interpretive synthesis of their own reactions to this epic story.
According to Helle, Hebert even got involved in pouring the concrete." Romania Hebert created the interior decor, which features a 4-foot high strip of light purple along the perimeter wall and makes extensive use of the fleurde-lis, symbolizing Cajuns' French origins.