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a Louisianian descended from Acadian immigrants from Nova Scotia ('Cajun' comes from 'Acadian')

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Which American state is home to the Frenchspeaking Cajun people? Peter Sallis - see Question 8 ANSWERS: 1 The Navy Lark; 2 Morocco; 3 Tropical freshwater; 4 A gambling system which doubles the stake after each losing bet; 5 He was born in Genoa, Italy; 6 Pablo; 7 The gas mask; 8 Fading Into The Limelight; 9 Adolphe Adam; 10 Louisiana.
Each spring the City of Lafayette puts on the annual Festival International where French music from Canada, Africa, the Caribbean and the music of the local Cajun people are celebrated.
It offers, in its concluding chapters, a story of the Acadian diaspora, which dispersed people to Quebec, Maine, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, elsewhere in the Canadian Maritimes, and Louisiana where a generation later they began to gather themselves and to constitute the Cajun people.
A spoken prologue is flimsy and useless; having a dancer narrate what are essentially program notes proclaiming the glory of the Cajun people is a curious way to get things started, especially when Brown and Monte's affection for this culture soon becomes obvious through their jubilant choreography.
Chopin lived in Louisiana after her marriage (1870) to Oscar Chopin; after his death she began to write about the Creole and Cajun people she had observed in the South.
This chapter assumes without support that Cajun music represents an integral part of the lives of Cajun people. Ancelet neglects to state that in most homes and cars the radios are tuned to commercial radio stations that play everything from rock and roll to country music to rap, and that many Cajuns live their lives without listening to "Cajun" music at all, except at public events when a "Cajun" band may be hired.