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Synonyms for caisson

an ornamental sunken panel in a ceiling or dome


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a two-wheeled military vehicle carrying artillery ammunition

a chest to hold ammunition

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large watertight chamber used for construction under water

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The caissons let ships pass through different water levels between docks and the tidal River Mersey.
The two caissons counterbalance each other meaning only minimal energy, 4kW hours, is required to rotate the wheel in four minutes--this is roughly equivalent to boiling eight kettles.
Transportation Minister Binali Yyldyrym, who was present during the sinking of the caissons, stated that by mid-2015, the ystanbul-Bursa part of the project will be completed.
2 Cables attached to the platforms and a pulling machine slowly roll the ship to an upright position helped by the weight of the caissons
Hafren claims the caissons could be built in Port Talbot, that the turbines could be assembled in Wales and Bristol, and the nine-year building project could result in 20,000 direct jobs.
The company will work for Fort Clarence-based Subsea 7 constructing support clamps for work on DONG Energy's SIRI Caisson Support Project in the North Sea.
Following the consultation with MGB and the architect, the engineering team of DeNardis Engineering designed a new foundation supported by mini caissons with pile caps.
Composite repairs can restore and refurbish pipes and pipelines (including elbows, tees, nozzles and other configurations), tanks, pressure vessels, caissons, platform decks and other structures, typically to pressures of 200 barg and temperatures of 210A[degrees]C, with a design life that can be up to 20 years or more.
aaa On this occasion, the king handed 20 delivery tricycles equipped with thermally insulated caissons for fishery product peddlers in the city.
Capable of fitting in caissons or casings 8 inches in diameter, the GSP20SL pump is ideal for applications including construction, mining and industrial dewatering.
This commenced with the excavation of the basement, which is 95% complete, pile driving, which is now 40% complete, and caissons, with a completion rate of 20%.
He covers groundwater control, side slopes and soil retention in open excavation, vertical soil support, cofferdam construction, basement construction and design, cut-and-cover construction, shafts and caissons, and soil movement due to deep excavations.
The mass of the building is supported by 421 concrete caissons that extend through the clays to indurated till or bedrock.
These were dug so that on our hillside location the caissons would not go rollin' along when the rains came.
The second is to a method for using prefabricated semicircular reinforced concrete caissons to construct offshore dikes or structures on soft soil.