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a mound of stones piled up as a memorial or to mark a boundary or path

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small rough-haired breed of terrier from Scotland

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William Cairns, 44, stabbed 46-year-old Louis Shields in the neck as he tried to protect his brother Peter.
Now the MP for the Vale of Glamorgan, Mr Cairns said he would no longer accept a salary for being an AM.
Mr Cairns said he used the late Sir Raymond Gower, who was MP for the area, as a model for the way he planned to serve the constituency.
But when police quizzed Cairns she said they had committed the theft together.
This will potentially result in a tripling of the number of passenger days spent in Cairns each year due to cruise ship tourism, being an increase of 225,000 passenger days each year by 2031.
When it came to the semi-finals, it was Crosland Moor v Thongsbridge in both, with Siswick taking on Jack Dyson and Terry Brook facing Cairns.
flights dated December 6, 2017 onwards may reroute to Manila-Darwin/Brisbane/Melbourne/ or Sydney and connect to Cairns via other airline and vice versa.
The libel case netted Cairns PS90,000, but he was alleged to have lied to the court when he said he had "never, ever cheated at cricket".
The route will stimulate passenger traffic along three travel streams - Manila- Cairns, Manila -Auckland as well as Cairns - Auckland.
The retired cricketer, 36, described Cairns as "the main player" for the New Zealand national side when he started playing for them in around 2001.
Cairns arrived at New Zealand after being interviewed by the London Metropolitan Police, the England and Wales Cricket Board and the ICC anti-corruption and security unit (ACSU) in London.
Cairns could face a lengthy jail term after she admitted a wilful fire-raising charge at the High Court in Glasgow.
Judith Cairns was a trusted member of staff at two of Ivan's stores when she started stealing.
Ohio middle school teacher Melissa Cairns is in hot water 6 and could potentially be fired from her job 6 after she allegedly posted a Facebook photo of her students' mouths duct-taped shut in a classroom.
Living in tropical Cairns and the Far North Queensland area of Australia, cyclones are a part of life.