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Synonyms for cairn

a mound of stones piled up as a memorial or to mark a boundary or path

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small rough-haired breed of terrier from Scotland

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First round: M Higgins 21 G Metcalf 8, J Brown 21 D Tattersley 8, G Siswick 21 N White 11, B Tinker 21 R Whitwam 12, P Ingleby 19 C Gant 21, J Dyson 21 S Price 12, B Smyth 10 M Bramall 21, R Hitchen 21 M Allman scr, J Fernyhough 18 D Scott 21, A Daykin 21 K O'Prey 13, R Walker scr D Reeves 21, G Fellows 7 T Brook 21, A Cairns 21 A Smith 6, L Fallas 6 M Sweeney 21, D Rae 21 P Kain 16, B Gibson 21 G Sigsworth 14.
The introduction of nonstop Manila-Auckland flights on December 6 will coincide with the suspension of the Manila-Auckland via Cairns service.
The six-hour flight to Cairns - PAL's fifth Australian destination - departs Manila at 11:45 p.m.
According to, following the arrest of his close friend and lawyer Andrew Fitch-Holland, Cairns said the ICC had been in contact with him, adding that he had also been approached by 'representatives from the New Zealand and British police, working together'.
Prosecutors originally claimed Cairns had stolen scratch cards worth up to PS44,000.
She was later arrested and charged with shoplifting but persistent Cairns then returned to the scene of her crime twice in five days.
Her assertion, made also by Cairns, that the PS500m needed to upgrade the Cardiff-Swansea mainline would only save four minutes in travel time misses the point.
"We've been watching the market closely and responded to feedback from the Cairns business community who we know want a direct connection to Papua New Guinea," Mr Gissing said.
'We would look at holding a similar event for Catriona if we were made aware of an impending visit to Cairns,' the report quoted Manning.
The competition produced a showpiece final with Cairns and Dyson producing some amazing play.
Cairns, 45, faced trial after he successfully sued Indian Premier League (IPL) chairman Lalit Modi for accusing him of match fixing on Twitter in 2010.
"The route will stimulate passenger traffic along three travel streams - Manila- Cairns, Manila -Auckland as well as Cairns - Auckland.
FORMER New Zealand cricket star Chris Cairns will learn in the next fortnight whether he will be charged for perjury.