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a mound of stones piled up as a memorial or to mark a boundary or path

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small rough-haired breed of terrier from Scotland

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The other unfortunate widening by Cairnes of the monopoly concept, was to expand on Mill's hint about monopoly of ability; extra skill and extra training of laborers, according to Cairnes, gave them a "monopoly," and therefore gave to higher-wage laborers a "monopoly return.
In his Ricardian critique of Bastiat, Cairnes claims that the Frenchman does not grasp the "fundamental distinction between land and the ordinary products of industry" (1873, 343-44).
Delivery driver Stuart Cairnes, 43, attacked the girl, aged nine, at his home and at a caravan close to his work.
Paul Cairnes, barrister for the local authority, said allowing the site to remain would be harmful to the rural area.
In Under-13A, Cairnes and Kemp each netted two goals in Ernesford Dynamos' 5-0 defeat of Southam United and Krummins achieved a similar feat as Athletic United fought out a 3-3 draw at Kenilworth Wardens, for whom Lamond also poached a double.
Paul Sayer (New York: Oxford University Press, 1947), 369-70; Anton-Hermann Chroust, "An Anonymous Treatise on Law: The Pseudo-Platonic Minos," Notre Dame Lawyer 23 (1947): 48; Huntington Cairnes, Legal Philosophy From Plato to Hegel (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1949), 31-2, and "What is Law?
When Welshman Tom Cairnes landed a high-flying job in New York, he never imagined he'd go from riches to rags.
Thanks to the hard work and dedication of members like Priscilla Strader and Nicki Geigert, 2002 Conference Co-Chairs: Vincent Fazzalare, the 2002 Conference Program Chair; and Patricia Monkres and Susan Cairnes, ACEI Headquarters Conference Coordinators, this year's Annual Conference was an important center for international exchange.
Cairnes, by demonstrating more concern for the Russell-Gladstone ministry's precarious hold on power than doing justice to the liberal dream of universal, non-denominational education in Ireland.
Something similar might not be all that far away, allowing that Robin Cairnes has recently been appointed managing director of the bunny's latest betting incarnation, Playboy Internet Gaming, which operates as playboy.
Cairnes and Albert the Good had lived to glimpse the crowded channel steamers .
Other sound-a-like hopefuls include Tracey Shield as Celine Dion, Ivan Mornington as Spandau Ballet frontman Tony Hadley, engineering assistant Jeff Greenhalgh as Paul McCartney, Matthew Shaw as Meatloaf, Nicola Kirsh as Maria Callas, machine operator Audrey O'Connor as Gladys Knight and Robert Cairnes from Birmingham as T-Rex's lively singer Marc Bolan.
Cairnes [3] cited slave ignorance as preventing them from operating factory machinery.