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a town at the southern tip of Illinois at the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers

the capital of Egypt and the largest city in Africa

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Between Hend Ja'far's story, that sees her character speak his unpopular truth, and Nael Eltoukhy's police officer who has been on a lifelong pursuit of the truth, the stories show stark differences in how Cairenes approach life.
Middle Eastern food cultures change, sometimes radically, over time and place, just as ecological conditions shape the availability of foodstuffs in a way that prevented medieval Cairenes from replicating the foodways of their Iraqi counterparts.
" This is an account of what it felt to be there, in Tahrir Square, when Cairenes were reclaiming the city and its streets", says Soueif, the powerhouse behind Palfest ( Palestine Festival of Literature).
Lost in limbo, the Cairenes expressed the moments they were witnessing and what was happening to them; people with aspirations...
They established committees to oversee security, food and medical treatment in what became a liberated zone where Cairenes and Egyptians from beyond came to register their rejection of the established order where Mubarak's mantra of security first trumped everything.
Nor did I want to reflect the idealized view that Cairenes and Egyptians imagine it to be.
Of course, it remains so today: as Egyptians have a tradition of living close to their dead ancestors, many Cairenes still make their homes in the Cities of the Dead; at the turn of the 20th century, the Sphinx was in a poor state of repair, its soft limestone having been eroded by the desert winds over thousands of years.
Nonetheless, the few Cairenes lucky enough to have been near Tahrir Square on the afternoon of March 20 got a sense of what an Egypt free of martial law could be.
Even Westernized Cairenes discover that they are not western outside Egypt.
Around 3.5 million Cairenes use the metro every day, switching between stations to reach their destinations while paying an affordable ticket.
Gil says her style has shifted because most Cairenes "are just starting to get tattoos and they don't know what they want and they don't know anything about tattoo art yet".
Although many Cairenes can trace their origins to the countryside, they seem to have a conflicted rapport with nature.
After watching stand-up comedian George Azmy regale his audience with speculations about how Cairenes will soon evolve forehead envelopes so they can present their IDs to the cops without taking their hands off the wheel, the film cuts to the stern face of Colonel Sayed Osman.
"Long before Tahrir Square captured the imagination of the world as the stage for Egypt's revolution, it was an infamous, clandestine meeting place for gay Cairenes."
If the trains themselves were given a lick of paint and the attention they get in Alex, this might encourage more Cairenes to use them, thereby reducing traffic jams and also the pollution caused by cars.