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a native or inhabitant of Cairo

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Possibly the translation of a form of entrapment and fakeness imposed to the artist by the Cairene elite.
The April 4th sale will include early rugs such as a 17th century Persian vase carpet, a 16th century Cairene, an Early Mughal rug, and will also feature carpets by some of the most renown designers such as Josef Hoffmann, Emile Ruhlmann, Leleu and a beautiful arts and crafts Gavin Morton rug.
542/1147) outlines in his chancery manual the tasks of the various office-holders in the Cairene administration, even dedicating an entire chapter to the question of archiving.
For example, local Cairene custom dictates that Sudanese immigrants must go through either housing agencies or middlemen just in order to meet landlords and secure apartments.
This installation puts the visitor at the entry of an elite Cairene household of the Burji Mamluk period (1382-1517), able to appreciate the transregional connectivities of the early modern Islamic world: the intricacy of the carving is attributed to stone masons from Anatolia working in the Mamluk capital.
In the context of intense poverty in Cairene society, Patience looks critically at the absence of education opportunities and medical services that Saber and his family might access.
That Amer is Cairene only intensifies the radical effect of her subject; quite like Shirin Neshat, she is a standard-bearer of a certain anti-patriarchal conviction.
Through a textual meditation circling around the term demeure in the writings first collected in Je batis ma demeure (1959, revised 1975), and then later in Le seuil le sable (1988, revised 1990), I trace the intertextual literary loci and discern the poetic place of Jabess Cairene work in relation to his ceuvre, as well as to the aesthetic tastes of the Egyptian francophone literary sphere in which he composed the poems.
I've had several bespoke suits made by Cairene haberdashers - some are better than others, and I would encourage you to try and get a recommendation before you invest your time, hope and money.
The volume describes the building's design as a charitable foundation containing a public fountain and a school, and for its unique history, architectural style, and decoration, which combine classic Turkish Ottoman features with Dutch tile decoration and Cairene architectural principles.
"Our religion is the Constitution," said Saber Mohammed, a 27-year-old Cairene wearing a short white robe and head cap, sporting the traditional bushy beard of a Salafi.
Pipe-wielding, trashcan-banging, and saxophone-playing, Cairene band El Zabaleen has taken the city by storm.
A month after posters supporting Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's son Gamal appeared in some Egyptian towns, a new wave of "alternative" posters have popped up in two Cairene neighborhoods in support of Intelligence Chief Major General Omar Suleiman, reported Beirut daily AN NAHAR, Friday.