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The hanging wall (Bielawa Hills) surface is at 300-400 m a.s.l.; its contact with the SMF being occupied by a narrow tectonic graben filled with Cainozoic strata, up to 30 m in thickness.
(2001): Evolution of the Mesozoic Central Iberian Rift System and its Cainozoic inversion (Iberian chain).
For poorly defined Cainozoic unconsolidated material, such as unqualified 'alluvium' or 'colluvium' for which their broad composition is unknown, lithological classes were allocated following reference to existing soil type maps.
and Zuchiewicz, W.: 2004, Cainozoic evolution of Lower Silesia, SW Poland: A new interpretation in the light of sub-Cainozoic and sub-Quaternary topography.
Cook P J, Colwell JB, Firman JB, Lindsay JM, Schwebel DA, Von der Borch CC (1977) The Late Cainozoic sequence of southeast South Australia and Pleistocene sea-level changes.
Probable and possible reserves in the Cainozoic and Mesozoic formations have been estimated at about 214 bn barrels of oil and 160 TCF of natural gas.
Reef coral biogeography and climate through the late Cainozoic: just islands in the sun or a critical pattern of islands?
Milnes AR, Twidale CR (1983) An overview of silicification in cainozoic landscapes of arid central and southern Ausralia.
Cainozoic stratigraphy, palaeoenvironment and geological evolution of the Lake Eyre Basin.
This part, covered by Cainozoic strata, contains the benchmarks Rosochata (ROCH), Kostomloty (KOST), Zrodla (000E), Tyniec Maly (TYMA) and Wegry (WEGY).
Primary salinity in the region is typified by the existence of salt lakes (playas) that developed during prolonged arid periods in the Cainozoic. The wheatbelt contains ~300 000ha of salt lakes and associated landforms.
The central and western portion of the study area, the 'Plains', consists of a level alluvial plain of Cainozoic sediments derived mainly from a network of distributary palaeo-stream channels.