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Norwegian mathematician (1802-1829)

(Old Testament) Cain and Abel were the first children of Adam and Eve born after the Fall of Man

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As a starting point, I took a story that is common in all [Abrahamic] religions: Cain and Abel.
Byron (New Testament, Ashland Theological Seminary) traces the interpretative history of the Cain and Abel story over the first millennium CE.
The two then started looking out for more members, and by 2006 they formed the band and named it Saving Abel, which Null says is an alternative interpretation of the Cain and Abel story in Bible.
Not since Cain and Abel have there been two brothers more poisonously divided than the Gallaghers.
First they meet warring brothers Cain and Abel, next they're captured by a Roman legion (headed by Vinnie Jones), then they wind up in the ancient city of Sodom at the mercy of its tyrannical king.
They are a pair of hopeless hunters who set off on a journey in the Ancient World of Old Testament times and along the way come across a bunch of famous figures such as Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, and Abraham and Isaac.
Part Kid Nation and part Left Behind, with just a dash of Cain and Abel, the story is most impressive for its extraordinarily skillful pacing, which leaves the reader constantly on the verge of another discovery (none of which disappoint).
Gosh, I hope Jamie and Andy's disagreement doesn't escalate into a kind of Cain and Abel situation.
I think it was God who first made that movie in Adam And Eve: Fall From Grace, later refining the plot for Cain And Abel 2: Brotherly Love.
This Freudian reinterpretation of the biblical story of Adam and Eve and their children, Cain and Abel (here called Adahim, Chawa, Kajin and Chabel), mixes religious fervor with sexual obsession.
However, it's also tricked up with extensive melodrama and biblical resonance (the film even manages to work in the most tortured Cain and Abel replay imaginable).
I am reminded of the story of Cain and Abel, the sons of Adam and Eve.
Malandain combined these with obtuse, Cain and Abel, and company, the effect veered toward bizarre pageantry.
The narrative about Cain and Abel is turned into a full-fledged family saga in which Abel is obsessed with getting around the angels who guard the way to the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden.