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United States architect (born in Estonia) (1901-1974)

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"We started with making $2 million sound less ridiculous," Cahn said.
In Cahn's favor is his determination to break the mold (that probably too many institutions have) of making a dichotomy between teaching, on the one hand, and research and scholarship, on the other.
Batali revealed it was his humor and wit that got Cahn's attention during the first meeting.
Our findings justify further studies of yoga and meditation retreats assessing for the replicability, specificity and long-term implications of these findings," concludes Dr Cahn.
The Steering Committee of MT CAHN encourages nurses to mentor other nurses with an emphasis on mentoring new graduate nurses and nurses changing positions or roles.
James gives us the melody on his trumpet during a minuteplus introduction before Philadelphia-born Kitty Kallen brings in the vocal and builds toward Cahn's memorable refrain: "Kiss me once and kiss me twice / Then kiss me once again.
For one, says Cahn, dividend-paying stocks are more interest-rate sensitive than popularly thought and they will perform poorly as rates rise.
Cahn notes certain antitrust laws, such as the U.S.
Indeed, the two most interesting artists, in my humble opinion, are two women: Mademoiselle Clausen and Mademoiselle Cahn." (1) Franciska Clausen (1899-1986) and Marcelle Cahn (1895-1981) were part of a group of female artists who, in late 1920s Paris, were involved with the abstract art movement; however, little has been written about the role these women played in the development of abstraction in this period.
Presentations were also held by Louisa Vinton, UN Resident Coordinator in the Republic of Macedonia, Paulo David, Chief of the Capacity Building and Harmonization Section at the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva, and Claude Cahn, Human Rights Adviser at the Office of the UN Resident Coordinator in Moldova.
"We think it will be incredibly empowering for kids to know that a million people out there are speaking up for them,'' says Alice Cahn, Cartoon Network vice president of social responsibility.
"One size does not fit all for branded entertainment," says Karen Cahn, general manager for AOL On Original Video.
Cahn Dafydd (f.1942, son of Mathrafal) and Pentre Eiddwen Comet (f.1946) come in close at his heels, siring 11 champions each.
Students partied as Edinburgh Napier University Business School held its 2013 Graduation Ball at city's George Hotel Six appeal David Wilkinson, Sarah Merrett, Mairi Paton, Ellis Donaldson, Sarah Lapsley and Beth Lowe are looking forward to the Graduation Ball Ready Louise Masterton, Gillian Stewart, Ashley Thomson, Audrey Kenny and Kimberley Alexander Glad-ulation Andrew Russell and Natasha Todd are delighted Big night Jaqueline Cahn, Kevin Cook, Rachel Gilhooley, Jak Carlin, Hayley Hawthorn, Jamie Mowbray and Julia Lawson Style Christine Kinnear and Victor Lindeberg strike a pose for the camera Glitzy Jamie Wilde and Laura Keay are ready for their big graduation night out
Jack Cahn's Jewish education has come in handy at his big, public New York City high school."The Talmud and Jewish culture have taught me to not take things at face value, to question things, and to challenge authority," he said.