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United States film actor known for his portrayals of tough characters (1899-1986)

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George would be grumpy funny." Commenting on Cagney's departure, who he dubbed his TV husband, Alan told the Irish Mirror: "Of course you're going to miss him.
Each year I would watch it with my dad, who absolutely loved Cagney and his "stiff-legged" way of dancing.
Tim Cagney commented: 'ACS Doha is deeply dedicated to creating a legacy in Qatar.
ACS International School chief executive Tim Cagney and Al Jaber Group chairman Mohamed Sultan al-Jaber signed a partnership agreement in this connection in the presence of British ambassador Ajay Sharma.
"Ireland AM was my first TV gig exactly 20 years ago alongside the amazing Mark Cagney, my first ever TV husband."
In this case, that actor is James Cagney, who plays Halsey brilliantly.
If you're interested in rehoming Bashful, Grumpy or Sleepy; Cagney, Lacey or Jonesy, visit the Birmingham Animal Centre website or call 0300 123 8585.
She said: "We were talking about what we were going to do with the show and I said we should really push the friendship, like Cagney & Lacey.
The award-winning actress, on our screens again in Casualty on Saturday, made her name as the hard-drinking policewoman Christine Cagney in the 80s show.
Cagney stepped down after a lawsuit alleged that the hostile work environment he presided over allowed senior executives to harass women employees.
If SoFi gets the industrial banking charter it is applying for, ( Cagney told TechCrunch SoFi could give discounted rates to people who set up automatic payments and launch a rewards program to help people repay loans with a SoFi-issued credit card.
"But they backed off because they had a lot of people testing positive," says Tamara Cagney, CEAP, board member of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA).
Chris Cagney and Mary Beth Lacey took down plenty of bad guys during their 1980s reign as the crime-fighting detective duo of the CBS show bearing their names.
Little Cagney - a seven-year-old female Lhasa apso - was stuck for an hour with only her legs visible before being rescued by firefighters.
He asked: "James Cagney admitted he never said the words, 'You dirty rat' but can you name the film in which he said, 'You dirty yellowbellied rat?'"