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Italian who was famous as a magician and alchemist (1743-1795)

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/ Without Weishaupt, Mesmer, Saint-Martin, Cagliostro, you can never explain the revolution of 1789, and without me and my accomplices you can just as little explain those of 1848.
A reader who can discern from the rambling account in this book exactly what Cagliostro's role was supposed to have been in the famous Diamond Necklace Affair must have occult powers beyond those of the current reviewer.
There are, after all, those who sympathize with liars, villains or criminals like Cagliostro, Casanova, Bonnie and Clyde and Charles Manson.
The tribute to anime also includes Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro [1979] by Hayao Miyazaki; Horus: Prince of the Sun [1968] , by Isao Takahata; Panda and the Magic Serpant [1958] , by Taiji Yabushita and Kazuhiko Okabe; and finally closing the curtain on the tribute to Anime with Garden of Words [2013] and Voices of a Distant Star [2003], by Makoto Shinkai.
In nine chapters he highlights examples, among them the Rosicrucian, Freemasons, the Kabala, magic, and alchemy, as well as practitioners Count Cagliostro and Julie de Krudener.
Io non sono ne il conte di Cagliostro ne la Sibilla di Cuma.
Anthony Cagliostro pushed in a rebound two minutes after Happy scored to close out the scoring for Westfield.
In "The Sand-Man," Clara is introduced through a comparison with a painting and Spalanzani is described as a copy of the character of Cagliostro painted by Chodowiecki.
Film4 also has his epic fantasy Princess Mononoke (Sunday 4.40pm) and The Castle Of Cagliostro (Tuesday 4.45pm).
Athos Matthew Maefadyen Milady de Winter Milla Jovovich D'Artagnan Logan Lerman Aramis Luke Evans Porthos Ray Stevenson Constance Gabriella Wilde Duke of Buckingham Orlando Bloom Roehefort Mads Mikkelsen Richelieu Christoph Waltz Louis Freddie Fox Queen Juno Temple Planchet James Corden Cagliostro Til Schweiger D'Artagnan's Father Dexter Fletcher D'Artagnan's/'s Mother Jane Perry (English dialogue)