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According to VR-Zone, the Medfield scores an impressive 10500 in Android benchmarking tool Caffeinemark 3.
The CaffeineMark test was performed without independent verification by Pendragon Software, who makes no representations or warranties as to the results.
In addition, the 24K family offers the highest known Java performance in the SOC industry, or 5000 Embedded CaffeineMark 3.
Sun's internal preliminary benchmark results indicate that the microJava 701 should deliver 13,332 embedded Caffeinemarks as measured by the well-known CaffeineMark 3.
In the past, through standard benchmarks such as CaffeineMark, SuperCede was measured as the fastest Java on the planet," said Dahod.
The 24K family offers Java(TM) performance of 5000 Embedded CaffeineMark 3.
Real-world Java applications are tested in industry Java benchmarks, including Java WebServer, Pendragon Software's CaffeineMark v2.
JSTAR's performance characteristics are validated using the industry standard Embedded CaffeineMark benchmark.
Many Java-based applications will perform close to 30 percent faster, as measured by the CaffeineMark 2.
As measured by industry benchmarks, Web-enhanced Solaris out-performs every operating environment including NT with a record 13,920 CaffeineMark score.