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a restaurant where you serve yourself and pay a cashier

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Food service for the operation of cafeterias, Cafeterias and public cafeterias, As well as the self-service sale for the hospital clnic de barcelona (hcb) and the consorci de gesti corporaci sanitria (cgcs) and the food service patients of the gesti corporaci sanitria consortium (cgcs), As well as the refurbishment of the cafeteria of the hospital clnic de barcelona (hcb).
Employees can use their Super ID at office cafeterias and make payments with a single tap.
Analysis of data showed significant difference between individuals of different species at different cafeterias and sampling sites.
In 2014 chained establishments continued to dominate the self-service cafeterias environment.
Self-service cafeterias is projected to experience diverging trends over the forecast period.
Toridoll Corp's key driver of sales has been its self-service udon cafeteria brand Marugame Seimen, which registered double-digit growth both in terms of outlets, transactions and value sales in 2013.
He said: "Usually, my family orders quick snacks, mostly from cafeterias that have pampered us with their variety and quick service.
It's really about trying to create that healthy school environment,'' said Tracy Fasella, nutrition specialist for the Santa Clarita Valley Food Services Agency, the central kitchen that prepares meals for most Santa Clarita Valley school cafeterias.
The Trying Alternative Cafeteria Options in Schools study (TACOS) is currently being conducted over a two-year period in 20 secondary schools in the Minneapolis and St.
At the same time, although often very big and poorly decorated, cafeterias welcome everyone, charge very little for their food, and provide a safe place for people to rest and conversation.
19, that an employer could deduct 100% of the cost of meals it provided to employees in company cafeterias, even though the employees paid nothing for the meals.
In addition to school cafeterias, potential users of the Solution Machine include university and business cafeterias, sports complexes, airlines, caterers, hospitals, nursing homes, grocery stores, military bases, cruise ships, automotive and other manufacturing plants that use PS-foam packaging, construction sites that use foam concrete forms, and fish and produce markets.
LenSec's solution will allow Director Palacios to monitor each of her cafeterias from her desktop either at the office or at home.
USPRwire, Sun Oct 25 2015] Self-service cafeterias recorded a 1% decline in current value sales in 2014; an improvement from the 2% decline in 2013.
Independent self-service cafeterias showed steady movement for the last couple of years of the review period.