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equal parts of coffee and hot milk

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Clinically, all 50 patients had neurofibromas, among which cafe-au-lait macules occurred in 49 (99%) patients (Table 1).
Melanocyte proliferation result in disordered skin pigmentation and "cafe-au-lait" spots.
Few cafe-au-lait macules measuring 0.5-2cm were noted over the lower chest and lower abdomen on the left side.
Axillary freckling, cafe-au-lait macules, plexiform neurofibromas or any other skeletal deformities were not present.
NF1 is a multisystem disorder that primarily affects the skin (freckling and cafe-au-lait macules), nervous system (benign and malignant nerve sheath tumors, optic gliomas, and learning disabilities), and skeletal system (pseudoarthroses; DeBella, Szudek, & Friedman, 2000; Huson, Harper, & Compston, 1988; King, Debaun, Riccardi, & Gutmann, 2000).
Treatment: For facial cafe-au-lait spots, laser therapy is an option.
Although neurofibromatosis is the classic disease associated with multiple, large cafe-au-lait macules, these lesions also can occur in other disorders.
The bumps begin as tiny 'cafe-au-lait' spots, similar to birthmarks, but then develop over the years, sometimes to the size of an egg.
Blacks in the United States are anything but strangers to violence that targets that artificial category called "race." Their skin color, varying from black black to a cafe-au-lait shade, almost indistinguishable from what we quixotically call "white," has made all too many of them victims of haters.
On the surface, its satin, cafe-au-lait shores and clear, placid waters are warm and inviting.
Neurofibromatosis type I (NF-1 is characterized by multiple cafe-au-lait spots and the occurrence of neurofibromas along peripheral nerves.
* Cafe-au-lait spots are well-circumscribed, evenly pigmented, light to dark brown macules and/or patches with an average size of 2 to 5 cm (FIGURE 1B).
Results: Pigmented birthmarks observed included Mongolian blue spot, cafe-au-lait macules and congenital melanocytic nevi.
McCune-Albright syndrome occurs when fibrous dysplasia is accompanied by the appearance of scattered areas of melanotic skin pigmentation (cafe-au-lait spots) and sexual precocity.
* 5-6 or more cafe-au-lait spots (defined oval-shaped light brown patches greater than 0.5cm in diameter).